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20 Indigenous TikTokers to Follow

Dale David
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Dale David
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Sep 12, 2022
A collage of five Indigenous TikTok creators

In order to move toward a better future, we have to learn from the past.

That’s why on September 30 each year, Canadians observe National Day for Truth and Reconciliation or Orange Shirt Day. This is to honour the victims and survivors of residential schools and to raise awareness about their tragic stories.

When it comes to bringing attention to the history of Indigenous culture, it’s the TikTok Indigenous creators who are taking the lead with their valuable and educational content.

Take a look at these 20 Indigenous TikTok creators who are uplifting their culture with viral videos that speak volumes and spark change. 

Shina Nova | @shinanova

With over 4.1 million followers, Shina Nova is one of the most recognizable Indigenous TikTok creators on the platform. She’s an Inuk throat singer who’s keeping her Inuit culture alive by sharing songs, skits, and important facts that keep bringing in double taps. You’ll love how her mom is also featured in many of her videos—creating twice the fun!

Tia Wood | @tiamiscihk

Tia Wood is one of the Plains Cree and Salish Indigenous TikTok creators making waves on social media. Her segment videos called “Aunty T’s History” lesson, where she quickly breaks down important historical facts, will instantly make you click that follow button. Did we mention that her vocals are also flawless? This girl would automatically turn four chairs on The Voice

Michelle Chubb | @Indigenous_baddie

Michelle is a 24-year-old Swampy Cree who’s here to give her audiences a closer look at her culture and provide adorable baby content. This mama and Indigenous TikToker is raising her baby to be a proud Ojibwe/Cree—you are not ready for her heartwarming videos! 

Brett Mooswa | @brettstoise

Be prepared to laugh endlessly and maybe even shed a few tears (of joy) when you start watching Brett Mooswa’s TikTok videos. The cultural impact he’s making in online spaces is as on point as his comedic timing. Who knew educational content could be this entertaining?

James Jones | @notoriouscree

Aside from being one of the most popular Indigenous TikTok creators, James Jones is also owning the spotlight as a traditional hoop dance artist who’s performed at prestigious events across the globe. He took the stage at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the 2014 Juno Awards, the 2015 Coachella Music Festival, and so much more!

Braden | @kadlun

Braden’s diverse TikTok content on Indigenous culture, mental health, and sobriety never fails to spread valuable messages across the platform. As an ex-addict, he recently celebrated 1000 days of being clean and sober. His road to a healthier life, which he regularly documents on TikTok, is nothing short of inspiring!

Willow | @willow.allen

Willow Allen is an Inuk from the Arctic who’s on the rise as one of the most popular Indigenous TikTok creators. She made history as the first model to be signed in New York—and we can’t wait to see what other groundbreaking achievements are in store for her! Follow her on TikTok to learn more about traditional clothing, medicine, games, and so much more!

Nathalie Wajashk | @natrestoule

As an Anishinaabe, Nathalie uplifts her culture by actively participating in land-based learnings and community-based research. She also graduated from Canadore College’s Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention Program. With a vision to indigenize and decolonize, she’s spreading cultural awareness on TikTok like a true fearless, Indigenous female.

Kendra Jessie Rosychuk | @kendrajessie

As an athlete, dancer, trainer, and wellness advocate, it’s clear that Kendra Jessie Rosychuk is an Indigenous TikTok creator with plenty of talent! 

This Cree-Ukranian continues to inspire audiences to embrace cultural diversity and live an active lifestyle. 

Eunice | @n00nice

Eunice loves her culture, anime, and photography!

We’re certain that her candid personality will instantly capture your heart. Whether she’s talking about her culture’s history or fangirling over TV shows just like us, Eunice’s audiences can’t get enough of just how relatable she is.

Geronimo Louie | @geronimo.warrior

If you’re keen on learning more about Indigenous culture, then allow Geronimo to walk you through it all! He identifies as a “two-spirit,” which means someone who possesses both male and female spirits—and therefore identifies with both genders.

Making waves as both an activist and a designer, there’s always something on Geronimo Louie’s TikTok platform that will pique your interest. Even Vogue has recognized his incredible traditional ribbon work!

Chelazon Leroux | @chelazonleroux

After gaining popularity as an Indigenous TikTok creator, Chelazon Leroux went on to steal the scene on the third season of Canada’s Drag Race.

Not only did they become the first contestant ever from Saskatchewan to appear on the show, but Chelazon also makes it a point to consistently incorporate indigeneity in their drag aesthetic!

Shuga Cain | @missshugacain

Another stunning Drag Race alumni on our list of TikTok Indigenous creators is Shuga Cain. Back in 2019, this artist with Apache roots appeared on the 11th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and finished in 7th place.

On TikTok, Shuga Cain gives audiences a behind-the-scenes look at her life as a successful drag artist and NYC theatre actress. 

Kairyn Potts | @ohkairyn

Kairyn Potts, who’s a Nakota Sioux from Treaty 6 Territory from the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, is a queer, Indigenous, two-spirit individual making a huge impact for their community.

@ohkairyn currently serves as a youth board representative for 2 Spirits in Motion Society, which is a national Two Spirit organization. Aside from being a TikTok creator and Twitch streamer, Kairyn also hosts Snapchat’s first-ever Canadian Original Series called “Reclaim(ed)”

Shannon Baker | @realshannonbaker

This actor, model, and producer from the Stellat’en First Nation is using her platform to educate audiences about Indigenous culture—and in between, she also treats her followers to hilarious prank videos and skits.

You might know her from her appearances on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Smallville, and Blue Mountain State!

Chante’ Reddest | @lakotalightning

When it comes to inspiring the next generation to “be real,” you can count on it that Chante Reddest is doing his part.

Proudly embracing his true identity, this Indigenous TikToker’s platform features content on folklore, historical facts, and even motivational videos. You’re bound to be moved by his wisdom! 

Julie | @polefitjulie

Interested in getting into pole fitness? Then allow this Red River Métis/Anishinaabe (Sagkeeng FN)/French content creator to show you what you need to know!

Believe us when we say that Julie’s skills are on a whole other level. She makes dancing upside down (on a ceiling!) seem so effortless that you probably won’t believe your eyes at first. Check out her TikTok videos to see why we (along with millions of other viewers) are still in awe!

Eagle Blackbird | @itzeaglee

Eagle Blackbird believes that laughter is the best medicine—and his videos might just be the cure you’re looking for!

With his creativity and epic sense of humour, he’s raking in millions of views on the TikTok platform. As a self-proclaimed “Indigenously Indigenous” individual, get ready to see content that’s as authentically Indigenous as it can possibly get when you tap that follow button. 

Trysta Cook | @trystabeautylife

Trysta Cook is all about beauty and fitness! Aside from offering an “Introduction to Makeup Artistry Program” for Indigenous people, she’s also an avid gym goer inspiring her audiences to look and feel their best.

From makeovers to workout videos, there are plenty of videos on her TikTok page that will motivate you to go for that glow-up. 

Ashley Callingbull | @ashleycallingbull

As an actress, model, motivational speaker, host, writer, and former beauty queen, it’s no secret that Ashley Callingbull is a multi-talented individual who excels in all that she does—and that includes entertaining audiences as an Indigenous TikToker.

In May 2022, she made history as the first Indigenous First Nations model to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated

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