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How to Choose the Right Influencers

Kitty Lana Carr
Written By
Kitty Lana Carr
Published On
Oct 29, 2020
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Choosing Influencers for your campaign is a difficult task when there are hundreds of thousands of options and each offers a different perspective. Do not worry, we are here to help! We have outlined the top tips that you need to consider before launching an Influencer Program

Let’s dive in!

1. WHO do you want to target?

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When selecting Influencers it is key that you identify what demographic you want to target. This will guide your decision about what influencers you should work with. First, you should define the following:

  • What gender do you want to target? For example, is your product or service more geared towards women, or is your product gender neutral? 
  • What age group are you looking to reach? Are your products for children? If so, you would likely want to target moms between 25-40. Think about who would be purchasing your product or service!
  • What is your target audience interested in? If your target audience loves hiking and being outdoors, an Adventure Influencer would be the best option for you.

2. WHAT is your Brand Image?

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Take a look at your website and current social media to get a sense of your brand image. The Influencers you partner with will be the face of your brand and should align with your current image, or, they can help revamp your image towards the direction you are aspiring. Consider the below when identifying your brand image:

  • Which 3 words would you use to describe your brand? You should be able to apply at least 2 of these words to each of the Influencers you would like to work with.
  • What are your brand values? This is important because you should be able to imagine all the Influencer’s speaking to these values.
  • What is the tone of your brand? Is your brand funny and relatable, or is it formal and educational? 
  • What is the vibe of your brand? Defining a vibe is difficult as it is more of a feeling. However, look at your content and the photography style. Are you playful, moody, minimal, etc.?

Now that you have identified your brand image, consider how your brand will appear on the Influencer’s feed. Would a loud and fun Influencer fit with your serene wellness brand, or would a health conscious yogi be a better brand fit? 

3. HOW will the Influencers speak about your product?

Cartoon characters placed around the word “Brand”

Think about how your product or service is used and how that will translate through an image, video, or blog. One of the most important points to remember when choosing the right Influencers for your campaign is to do your research and see how those Influencers are currently talking about products in brand collaborations. Does the Influencer write in long-form or are they straight to the point? If you are looking for someone to write paragraphs about your product, make sure the Influencer is currently doing that on their page, or else your partnership will stick out like a sore thumb! 

Remember, Influencers are utilized to amplify your brand voice. The art of Influencer Marketing is aligning your brand and the Influencer’s platform. If you are putting words in an Influencer’s mouth or dictating their creativity, the partnership will seem forced and not organic and you threaten the effectiveness of the campaign. Trust that if you do your research beforehand and select the right Influencers, they will know how to handle the integration and speak to the product in a way that their audience knows and loves.

4. WHERE is your product or service available?

Diagram of data insights from Buffer

Is your product only available in Canada? If so, you want to ensure that you are working with Canadian Influencers and that their audience is at least 30% Canadian. Ensuring that an Influencer’s audience is authentic is key. If you are investing in an Influencer marketing campaign, you want to make sure that your money is going towards your target audience. 

Working with an Influencer marketing agency who has the ability to analyze Influencer audiences across all social media platforms will ensure you are targeting the locations where your product is present.

5. WHEN are you looking to ramp up your marketing?

Two girls celebrating with confetti 

When is your product intended to be used? If your product is seasonal, you should think about planning 2+ months in advance of your target season. If your product or service is evergreen, consider aligning your Influencers and content with the seasons and any relevant holidays. For example, if your product is bedding, you would want to ensure that you are highlighting your cool, linen bedding in the summer, and your cozy warm bedding in cooler months. If your product is camping equipment, you likely want to ramp up in the summer and target specific holidays like Canada Day or the Fourth of July. 

Time to Start Your Influencer Campaign!

So there you have it! Our best tips for selecting the right Influencers for your campaign. 

If you have any questions about Influencer Marketing or are interested in launching an Influencer program, do not hesitate to reach out here!

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