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100 Hispanic & Latinx Influencers to Follow

Dale David
Written By
Dale David
Published On
Sep 13, 2021
Collage of Hispanic/Latinx Influencers, Carla Nunes, Kisha Gulley, Antonia Fifi, Curly Velasquez, and Bethany Mota

September 15th, the anniversary of independence for a variety of Latin American countries, marks the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Celebrating the histories, cultures, and accomplishments of Hispanic and Latinx communities, The Influence Agency recognizes and honours the impact of Latinx champions on North American history. 

To honour National Hispanic Heritage Month, we aim to uplift the many voices of the Latinx community in this list of 100 social media creators with ties to Mexico, parts of the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Spain.

Check them out now!

Lifestyle Influencers

Yuya | @yuyacst

Yuya sees life through an aesthetic lens, and when you explore her content, so will you! Peppered with seasonal blooms, vintage books, and elegant fashion, this style muse’s Instagram feed is a mood board that will make you long for laid-back picnics in the summer sun and ignite your love for scrapbooking. 

Isabella | @confessionsofasuperager

Showcasing that women get more beautiful with age, Isabella paints her Instagram feed in all the brightest colours that life has to offer. Whether she’s sharing her skincare secrets or soaking in some sun at the beach, this content creator is a great reminder that life is a big celebration. 

Salice Rose | @salicerose

With Salice Rose, every day’s a party and that reflects clearly on her Instagram page that documents her quirky adventures in her digital world. This lifestyle influencer leads a following of 13 million people who are captivated by her makeup tips, fashion flexes, and unfiltered humour. You can count on this Hispanic influencer to always make a big statement with every post.  

Erick Cedeño | @mr.erickcedeno

If Superman exists, he probably goes by the name of Erick Cedeño when he isn’t rocking that “S” on his chest. As an actor, model, husband, and father, this fashion influencer truly does it all. Some may even know him as the “Bicycle Nomad” who traverses enchanting nature-scapes by means of his bike and wanderlust. His Instagram feed is never not highlighted by amazing OOTDs and endearing photos of his adorable family. 

Hadasa | @thedressychick

Just like her IG handle suggests, Hadasa is a dressy chick! Proud of her curves, this stunning influencer wears her unparalleled sense of fashion on her sleeve. Serving up content on wellness, beauty, and fashion, she’ll influence you to be healthy, look gorgeous, and show up in stellar style! 

Julie Sariñana | @sincerelyjules  

Avid traveller, fashion guru, and founder of @colordept; Julie Sariñana is a girl boss of epic proportions. When she isn’t flaunting her brilliant sense of style in the rues of Paris or in the sunny fields of Portugal, she’s sharing helpful nail care advice for polish enthusiasts all over the world. With Julie, you’ll have lifestyle guidance at your fingertips! 

Stephanie Prosa | @lovetheprosas  

Stephanie Prosa’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of self-love, body positivity, travel, style, food, and family! It’s basically a quirky blend of all the good things that life has to offer, all captured on photo and shared to the digital world.  Thanks to her vibrant interior design, cute kids, and aesthetically pleasing fridge shots, we totally want to be her BFF. 

Heydy Lopez | @heydylopez_

Rays of sunshine are inevitable when you land on the page of Hispanic go-getter Heydy Lopez. This wife, boy-mom, and digital creator is always seen flashing a bright smile on every single one of her photos, and we’re telling you: it’s infectious! Get your fill of skincare, hair care, and family care courtesy of Heydy! 

Daniela | @mylifestylememoir

The world is a series of books that allows you to read each page at your own pace. In the case of lifestyle influencer, Daniela, she takes the world 10 pages at a time! Whether she’s catching a wave in Hawaii or taking a stroll in London, her followers can always find inspiration for their next travel destination on her page! Oh, and be warned: when you land on her Insta, your new favourite colour will be pink.  

Angela van Tijn | @onesmileymonkey  

The genius behind the OneSmileyMonkey.com goes by the name of Angela van Tijn. Her website is a one-stop-shop for tips on travel, healthy recipes, interior design, and DIY fashion. So, if you’re a mom on the go, you’ll find great value in her substantial and entertaining content for the whole family. 

Lucy | @lucylou.and.co

The power of positivity is strong on Lucy’s magical Instagram feed! This lifestyle influencer shares sprightly photos of homemade delicacies, organic skincare regimens, and fun family travels. Each of her captions leaves followers some nuggets of wisdom to boost their mood and support their mental health. Thanks to her inspiration captions and sunny escapades, we totally get why everybody loves Lucy!

Athenas Angulo | @athenasangulo   

Find some words of the wise when you follow Athenas Angulo! Her content is dedicated to sharing entertaining and beneficial tips on motherhood, wellness, and lifestyle in general.  You’ll often see her promoting cruelty-free skincare products that are kind to the environment and gentle on your skin at the same time. 

Melissa | @melis.vida

Fueled by motherhood, adventures, lifestyle, and coffee; Melissa is a vlogger who knows how to draw an audience. She promotes smart eating habits, cool parenting practices, fun fitness, and a LOT of Disney! As a self-professed Disney aficionado, this mommy proudly rocks Minnie Mouse purses and mugs on a regular basis…and we’re totally living for it!

Daily Baez | @dailycurlz

You can already guess from her cute Instagram handle that this girl wears a crown of gorgeous curly locks. Daily Baez’s multidimensionality shines through when she posts photos of her workout, post-workout smoothies, skincare regimen, hair care secrets, and sophisticated OOTDs. Her beauty and fitness content is an attestation to the fact that health truly is wealth. 

Jillian Mercado | @jillianmercado  

Jillian Mercado is a big beautiful soul with an order of sassy confidence on the side. She turned her physical disability into her superpower and is embracing her unique beauty. Aside from serving looks on Instagram, she’s also a model and actress who showcases her acting chops on the TV series, The L Word

Suitsheelscurves | @suitsheelscurves  

@suitsheelscurves is a boss mama who proudly waves the flag of her plus-sized figure. Encouraging others to be comfortable with their bodies, she never shies away from striking confident poses in cutting-edge bikinis while she kicks up some sand at the beach. If you’re in need of some curvy fashion inspo, you can also follow her at @@bloggerhousecurvycloset.

Dylana Lim Suarez | @dylanasuarez

Dylana Lim Suarez is a fashion authority trusted by 204k followers. Her keen sense of fashion lands her in fashion magazines and rakes in thousands of double-taps online. If her exotic beauty reminds you a little bit of Natalie Lim Suarez, that’s because these 2 are sisters and are taking the fashion industry by storm!

Bethany Mota | @bethanynoelm

Bethany Mota was one of the first YouTube figures to rise to mega-stardom. From sharing fashion haul videos in 2009 to competing on Dancing with the Stars in 2014, this Hispanic influencer continues to shine bright. Her YouTube channel, where she shares a variety of content on her daily life, has a whopping 9.71 million followers!

Yovana Mendoza Ayres | @yovana

You can find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about conscious living and fitness when you follow Yovana Mendoza Ayres! She shows her 1.1 million followers that living a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to give up delicious food. And the proof is in her recipes for sweet potato burger sliders and chipotle stuffed peppers!

Tiffany Garcia | @tiffyquake

Hispanic influencer, Tiffany Garcia, has so many talents that we’re almost losing count! She’s not just a famous gamer and cosplayer, but she’s also a co-founder and designer for iHasCupQuake. Did we mention she also makes fine arts prints? The list just goes on and on!

Dulce Candy | @dulcecandy

She’s a war veteran and a published author turned CEO — Dulce Candy is a lady boss you should definitely follow! The founder of the self-love brand, @sweetsoul, has inspired many with her stories and become one of the Hispanic influencers to watch out for!

Valentina Padilla | @sunflowervalentine

Valentina’s feed is true to her IG handle, as her sweet personality blooms so lovingly through her posts. A vegan and advocate of a sustainable lifestyle, Valentina fills her feed with stunning self-portraits showing her outfits, her beautiful curves (and curls), and her irresistible smile. She also urges her followers to sign a petition for citizenship for Hispanics, which makes her even more inspiring.

Olivia Lopez | @oliviavlopez

This jet setter and host of The Art of Travel podcast combined her passion for travel, fashion, art, and aesthetics into one luxurious and lush-looking feed. Also one of the creatives behind the concept Bon Weekender, Olivia truly has the eye and taste for all things fancy and adventurous. We can’t help but feel #TravelEnvy

Erin | @theesperanzamaria

This digital creator is sassy, stylish, creative, and confident. Erin frequently flaunts her curves, and rightfully so! Follow this account to get your regular dose of tasteful street style, fashion, and beauty tips. If you want to see more of Erin in action, be sure to check out her vlogs as well. 

Johanna Maybelline Ortega | @jmaybs_

This lady from El Salvador definitely has some Latina fire, and it’s evident with self-portraits and OOTD looks. This influencer has a shopping highlight reel of the items she wears, in case her followers ask where she got those from. We’re not surprised, she definitely has a likeable taste! 

Freddy Rodriguez | @blueperk

This fabulous member of the LGBTQ community is a ray of sunshine. In fact, he claims to possess rainbow energy 365 days of the year. He’s not lying! His feed is filled with colourful posts that depict his everyday life: from fitness, fashion, and even his food recommendations!

Chelsi Eiselstein | @raisingwolves

This mystic mama promotes self-love and wellness aimed at moms. She has highlight reels that show her pregnancy journey, baby things, back-to-school tips and moments, fitness, shopping, home, and family life. If you’re a mom and feel like you need a bit of inspiration, give her a follow!

Kisha Gulley | @panamakish

An autism advocate, mom Kisha Gulley uses her voice to spread awareness and valuable insights about autism. Aside from that, she keeps it light and easy with food, fashion, and beauty recommendations. Her content and feed has landed her a feature in Parents Latina magazine, and we’re not surprised at all!

Dani Ross | @littlemixico

A lifestyle influencer with well-rounded interests, Dani likes to travel, dress up, and share skincare tips fit for an active lifestyle. While Dani likes to incorporate neutral tones, she loves a bit of colour here and there to make her feed pop. Follow her if you want your personal dose of a sunny, vibrant vibe!

Vanessa Moraes | @vanessamoraesofficial

This lifestyle blogger has a lot to share about pregnancy and family life, making her one of the best influencers to follow if you’re on your way to be a new mom. What makes her special is her realness, and focus on being a full-time mom! dGet a dose of fun, family time when you scroll through her feed.


Josue Romero | @the_garnishguy

Josue Romero is a master mixologist, cocktail stylist, content creator, consultant, and spirited influencer who tells his story via sophisticated concoctions captured on camera. He specializes in both classic and innovative cocktails that he proudly shares to his loyal followers. Complete with the recipe, each post will inspire you to whip up some drinks for you and your squad!

Andrea (Andy) Mathis | @beautifuleatsandthings

Andy Mathis is an amazing influencer, dietitian, and author who churns out compelling content on the daily. Her Instagram feed is a paradise for the health-conscious foodie who radiates body positivity and modern-day wellness. While her food posts may seem like guilty pleasures that could take a toll on your health, keep in mind that there’s more than meets the eye; because her recipes are clean and green!

Diala Canelo | @dialaskitchen

Inspired by home and travel, Diala Canela awakens both the laziness and wanderlust in you! Following this influencer is like getting a golden ticket to a culinary wonderland and a neverending picnic. The best part is that you don’t even have to be a pro chef to cook up the cuisines she posts, because they all come with directions that are super easy to follow. To top it all off, you can have your very own copy of her culinary masterpiece if you read up on her book, Diala’s Kitchen. 

Mary Sheridan | @maryinvancity

Eating healthy is good for the body, but sometimes, eating junk food is healthy for the soul! That is exactly why we are so mesmerized with Mary Sheridan’s food emporium of an Instagram feed! This foodie features highly Instagrammable ice cream, burgers, waffles, salads, steaks, and drinks that surely taste as good as they look. Repeat after us: cheat days are good!

Gaby’s Kitchen | @gabymelian   

Gaby’s Kitchen instantly creates an atmosphere of homemade goodness. As a professional chef, teacher, and writer, you can count on Gaby to grace your feed with flavoursome culinary masterpieces that you can most likely smell by just looking at them.  You can also see her recipes in action on her YouTube channel!

Rick Martinez | @rick_andrew_martinez    

We have a profound appreciation for talented chefs like Rick Martinez who share their culinary prowess with the digital world! This skillful chef and certified foodie is a James Beard nominee, IACP nominee, author, and host that never fails to amaze us with his perfectly plated cuisines. If you’re a fan of Camarones asados, fish and chips, tacos, BBQ, burgers, or quesadillas, you better avert your eyes! 

Adrianna Guevara Adarme | @acozykitchen

If you are in love with food, then you will definitely find your palate’s perfect match on Adrianna Guevara Adarme’s wonderful  IG page! Trust us, when you see her flaky cherry pies, pumpkin spice tres leches, strawberry sheet cake, lemon crinkle cookies, chai tiramisu, birria tacos, and pork katsu, your inner chef will thrive! Ah, sweet homemade culinary bliss…

Gustavo Figueroa| @elguzii

The genius behind the well-loved @elguzii page and YouTube channel is Gustavo Figueroa. He believes that “Food brings people together and laughter keeps it that way”, which is #SoRelatable. Follow this Hispanic Instagram influencer’s food-dedicated page to start feasting your eyes on beautiful dishes.

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt | @kenjilopezalt

If you’re looking for food influencers to follow, then this food columnist should be the one! J. Kenji regularly posts the end result of his easy recipes that will make you an instant expert in the kitchen. This home chef and writer just finished his new book called “The Wok,” which is on pre-sale now. Hit follow and reserve your copy!

Michelle Lopez | @hummingbirdhigh

Cookies, anyone? Michelle is a baker, author, and creator of very detailed recipes of scrumptious pastries that you wish you can taste from the screen. Her recipes and appetizing content has landed her in Glamour Magazine, and she continues to bust out classic and innovative dessert ideas that will turn your baking skill up a notch!

Beauty Influencers

Jasmine Maria | @thejasminemaria  

Where beauty and wellness collide and coalesce, you’ll find the adventures of Jasmine Maria. She may always be clad in flowy dresses and magnificent nail art, but this lifestyle blogger is most famous for her beautiful natural curls that she always cares for with organic hair serums and shampoos. If you’re also rocking a head full of pretty curls, you can ride the wave with Jasmine Maria! 

Marcela | @mexicanbutjapanese

Of Japanese and Mexican descent, Marcela graces Instagram with beauty and health tips that will make you want to hit that notification’s bell. Once you explore her feed, you’ll notice that this influencer is proud of her heritage and never shies away from the camera with her glass skin. Also, a big shout out to her gorgeous mama, who makes frequent guest appearances on her IG account! 

If you want to get reliable skincare advice, this girl is the one to follow! 

Manny Gutierrez | @mannymua733

With over 4 million followers, Manny Gutierrez is definitely a force to reckon with and one of the most powerful Hispanic influencers today. In 2017, the makeup vlogger and founder of Lunar Beauty was hailed as Maybelline’s first ever male ambassador. If you love all things witty and beautiful, you and Manny’s IG content are a match made in heaven.

Iris Beilin | @irisbeilin

For most people of this generation, what could possibly be better than makeup? More makeup! Get your daily dose of everything beauty-related from Iris Beilin! She tries all the best products on the market so you can confidently take your pick. 

Daisy Marquez | @daisymarquez_

This Hispanic influencer and Savage X Fenty ambassador has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram. She’s a fast-rising star on social media, and it’s all thanks to her self-taught makeup skills. Follow Daisy Marquez for beauty tutorials and some fashion inspiration!

Christen Dominique | @christendominique

How do you apply eyelashes if you’re a beginner? How should you contour a double chin? How can you stop foundation from looking all cakey? Christen is here to save the day with her helpful beauty videos! This Hispanic Instagram influencer will totally change the way you put together your makeup looks.

Marlene | @curlswithapromise

Struggling to maintain your curly hair? Let Marlene show you the best curly hair tricks! Aside from promoting the best hair products and routines to manage curly hair, Marlene regularly posts photos of her adventures, cute outfits, and even cuter baby boy!

Monica Veloz | @monicastylemuse

Monica Veloz, who is more popularly known as monicastylemuse on Instagram, is among the most inspiring Hispanic influencers who empowers Afro-Latinas to embrace the beauty in their blackness by sharing style and makeup tips. On YouTube, she shares more about Dominican heritage with videos of bachata dance tutorials and Dominican slang lessons.

Lora Arellano | @lora_arellano

Lora Arellano is an LA-based makeup artist, Hispanic influencer, and the CEO of Melt Cosmetics, which encourages freedom of expression and celebrates people of color with its inclusive range of pigments. On Instagram, Lora shares snippets of her vibrant life as a creative entrepreneur and mother along with makeup hacks and tutorials to 886,000 followers.

Mariale Merrero | @mariale

Mariale Merrero is one of the hottest Hispanic influencers today with 6 million followers on Instagram. The Los Angeles-based Latina of Venezuelan descent is best known for her English and Spanish makeup reviews and tutorials on YouTube, where she has a whopping 14.5 million followers and rakes millions of views consistently.


Destiny Mata | @destiny.mata

Destiny Mata is capturing the world from her point of view, and it always tells a story you’ll be dying to know more about. She calls herself “the people’s photographer”, and we totally get why! Her Instagram feed features artistic shots of different faces and situations. It’s like getting a closer look at people around the world in a few scrolls.

Domsquiat | @domsquiat

But if we had Domsquiat’s photography skills, we’re pretty sure our Instagram feeds would be so on point. There’s a certain aura that resonates from this Hispanic influencer’s shots — one that’s both nostalgic and captivating. Follow them to take a deep dive into their incredible art!

Laura Ciriaco | @woooptywuuu

Laura Ciriaco is a visual arts influencer who stands for female empowerment — and she often lets this shine through in her work. She’s clearly got a passion and extraordinary talent in the field, and there’s no doubt about it that they’re on their way to becoming a top Hispanic influencer!

Gabriel Garcia Roman | @gbrlgrcrmn

Photographer Gabriel Garcia Roman has got a ton of talent up his sleeve! This craftsman was the recipient of the National Association of Latino Arts & Culture’s artist grant in 2018. He continues to take his art to another level as he designs jewelry and floods Instagram with his #ProudlyHispanic content!

Henry Jimenez Kerbox | @henryjimenez

Henry Jimenez is a remarkable photographer and actor with over 720k followers on Instagram, making him absolutely worthy of a spot in our must-follow Hispanic influencers list. Jimenez starred in the viral LGBTQIA+ modern love story, TABOO, in 2020, with real-life paramour Kasey Kerbox. He’s also known for his viral engagement news video where his mom rejected and left him in tears.

Family Influencers

Ashley Segura | @newmominanewera

When you’re a cool mom taking it one day at a time, life is an adventure full of happy surprises; and that’s what Ashley Segura embodies with every picture and caption that she shares with love. This mommy influencer shines the spotlight on her lovely kiddos, good reads, wellness tips, and trendy outfits that are worth emulating.

Jackie | @momentsofmusing

Jackie, more famously known by her handle, @momentsofmusing, is a fabulous family influencer who gives her followers warm glimpses into her life as a mom and wellness enthusiast. A few scrolls into her upbeat feed, and you’ll know for sure that this empowering female honours womanhood, motherhood, wellbeing, and humanity.

The Salguero Family | @thesalguerofam

You don’t want to miss out on all the fun that the Salguero squad is constantly up to. They’ve got 2.7 million followers on TikTok, and it’s easy to see why! From pranks, hacks, and crazy challenges, this Mexican-Salvadoran family knows exactly how to make everyone laugh up a storm!


Rematch? LMAO 😭 Follow our Insta 🙂 #watermelonchallenge #fyp #compitition

♬ original sound – OSOCITY

Jorge Narvaez | @realitychangers

For some endearing family fun, you’ve got to follow Jorge Narvaez! The whole Narvaez family, more popularly known as “Reality Changers”, is shaking up the online world with their adventures. Having appeared on America’s Got Talent and The Ellen Degeneres Show, you just know that these Hispanic influencers are definitely entertaining!

Antonia Fifi | @tonififi

A plant-based, fit mom, Toni Fifi is the mother of two beautiful children, Lucas and Ale. She regularly shares snippets of her Caribbean family living in Toronto. Aside from her family life, she shares insights and inspirational stories about being a special needs mom, and how to handle pressures and struggles related to being one. 

Fitness/Wellness Influencers

Lyzabeth Lopez | @lyzabethlopez

When you live a healthy lifestyle, you’re bound to feel great on the inside and look great on the outside! Lyzabeth Lopez is an award-winning personal trainer who put her name on the map as the creator of the “Hourglass Workout”. This fitness muse is living proof that exercise, healthy eating, and overall wellness looks good on you. 

Robin Arzon | @robinnyc

Former lawyer, mom, and absolute fitspiration, Robin Arzón, will fire up your Instagram feeds and your willingness to burn calories with her posts. The stunning mama regularly chronicles and shares her fitness journey, as well as adorable photos of her family. Enjoy her healthy recipes, and tips on how to ace challenging activities, such as an ultramarathon!

Chady | @__chady__

If you’re looking for an influencer to follow who has the style and determination to pursue fitness goals, then Chady is your girl! This fitness and wellness guru has a lot of advice for anyone struggling with their self-worth, especially for those who are well into their weight loss journey. Tap follow and be inspired!

Melisa Alcantara | @fitgurlmel

Her handle says it all, this toned beauty is an absolute fitness guru and inspiration. If you’re feeling lazy to work out, simply scroll through her feed and see how she smashes workout routines! Not only will she urge you to move, but she has lots of programs to tone and trim your bod in no time.

Tatianna Tarot | @tatiannatarot

Spiritualist, Iyalorisa priestess, intuitive tarot therapist—these are just a few of the things that make Tatiana Tarot an absolute standout in the sea of must-follow Hispanic influencers on Instagram. Her 128k followers are privy to daily tarot and horoscope readings and other empowering tips about spiritual wellness and healing.

Kimberlynn Avocado | @lafemmepapi

A DJ and trauma transformation coach. The first generation Salvadoran-American proudly identifies as gender queer and neurodiverse. Her remarkable work on implementing a decolonized mental and spiritual healing approach to guide women and queer BIPOC to breakfree from inherited trauma and capitalist grind culture makes her one of the best Hispanic influencers to follow and watch out on Instagram.

Dr. Mariel Buqué -Therapist | @dr.marielbuque

Dr. Mariel Buqué is a Columbia University-trained licensed psychologist, holistic mental health expert, and sound bath meditation healer. An AfroLatina by descent, this Hispanic Instagram influencer wows with beauty and brains. She educates her followers with her expert views that touch on healing one’s brokenness from intergenerational trauma, racial healing, and anti-racism mentality.

Melanie Santos | @melaniesantos.co

Born and raised in the heart of New York by immigrant parents, the Cuban-Dominican multi-hyphenate describes herself as a wellness leader, spiritual medium and guide, writer, and speaker. Melanie’s Instagram is a beautiful montage of empowering and body positivity resources for women and people of color, making her deserving for a spot on our list of must-follow Hispanic influencers.

Robyn Moreno | @robynnmoreno

Robyn is a proud Tex-Mexican and champion of women and Latinxs everywhere. Beyond being one of the most promising Hispanic influencers to follow on Instagram, she is also a spiritual seeker, “curandera” or folk healer who uses herbs and psychoactive plants, an Emmy nominated TV host. Her works have been published in Glamour, InStyle, and Woman’s Day, and has headed Cosmo for Latinas, TheFetching.com, and Latina Media Ventures.

Ale | @alekanashiro

Ale is definitely one of the most inspiring Hispanic influencers to check out. On Instagram, she talks about the power of perspectives, manifesting principles, and the importance of creating the life you want instead of simply reacting. She also has a masterclass called Empowered by Human Design in branding and business.

Eliza Boquin, MA, LMFT | @elizagboquin

Eliza is a psychotherapist, sex therapist, and energy healer. She is also the founder of Melanin and Mental Health, a platform that aims to connect Black Latinx patients and mental health professionals. On Instagram, this must-follow Hispanic influencer shares daily nuggets of wisdom about pleasure, intimacy, and healthy relationships to her followers.

Candy Calderon | @candycalderon_

Candy is a holistic health and wellness coach and diversity advocate. She is the founder of Glow Wellness Tour, a welcoming wellness and events community made accessible for Black, Brown, and Indigenous Women of Color (BIWOC). This Latinx beauty is a Hispanic Instagram influencer that’s definitely worth checking out.

Brujas of Brooklyn | @brujasofbrooklyn

Brujas of Brooklyn is the brainchild of Afro-Dominicana identical twins, Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez and Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon. The highly recommended Hispanic Instagram influencers to follow were both raised in New York City, hold doctorate degrees, and are professors at The City University of New York. On Instagram, they touch on using breathwork, chanting, and mental and emotional healing from intergenerational trauma.

Entertainment Influencers

Curly Velasquez | @thecurlyvshow

Aside from being a popular BuzzFeed content creator, Curly Velasquez is also a certified TV star who appeared on the show Vida (2018). 

You’ll love how this Hispanic influencer frequently posts adorable Instagram content featuring his loving grandma! You’re going to be missing out on so much cuteness unless you hit that follow button. 

Melissa Barrera | @melissabarreram

This Hispanic Instagram influencer and actress is one of the fastest rising stars in the telenovela scene! You might know her from the TV shows Siempre tuya Acapulco andTanto amor. She’ll be crossing over to the Hollywood silver screen in 2022 with a role in the fifth installment of Scream. 

Gadiel Del Orbe | @gadieldelorbe

Gadiel Del Orbe has appeared in a bunch of productions including Pero Like and Unfortunatly Ashly. You’ll also see him in the 2021 film The End of Us. 

As for social media, this comedian lights up Instagram with his fantastically hilarious content! Follow him for some sunshine in your feed. 

Julissa Calderon | @lajulissa

We’ve got another BuzzFeed star on our list, and her name is Julissa Calderon! She rose to fame starring in Pero Like and has also appeared on the TV series Gentefied. As a Hispanic Instagram influencer, she continues to serve up some sleek looks on social media! #StyleInspirationAlert

Maya Murillo | @mayainthemoment

Just how talented is Maya Murillo? She first started out creating skits, sharing content on crafts, and releasing ukulele covers! Today, she’s one of the most recognized stars to rise from BuzzFeed’s Latinx channel. You can find her on Instagram where she shares super relatable content with her 306K followers! 

Indya Moore | @indyamoore

Indya Moore is a film and television actress of Haitian, Dominican, and Puerto Rican descent. One of the most iconic Hispanic influencers of this generation, Moore who is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community made Time magazine’s most influential people in the world list in 2019.  Aside from serving stunning red carpet looks, they use Instagram to spread awareness about marginalization against women and BIPOC to their 1.6m followers.

LeJuan James | @lejuanjames

If you’re looking for clean family humour (aren’t we all?), then LeJuan James is someone you should definitely follow! We’re absolutely sure about it that his hilarious skits will always have you ROFL-ing. 

He’s also the author behind the book Definitely Hispanic (2019). We just love how he proudly represents all Latinos with his unique charm. 

Carla Nunez | @carlanunez_

The trendy and fit recording artist is quite known for posting her OOTD’s and appealing photos, much to the delight of her followers and fans. No one can deny that Carla has star quality, and it shows with how she carries herself! The singer just released her new song, “Desordenado,” which you can watch and listen to through her profile. 

Jenny | @es_jenny_solares

The self-proclaimed “sad girl” is the complete package: stunning, witty, talented and hilarious! Her funny TikTok videos and posts show her singing her favourite songs and turning them into parodies that everyone will laugh with! If you’re feeling the blues, her account will definitely put a smile on your face!

Gabby Rivera | @quirkyrican

Gabby Rivera is a Bronx-born, queer Puerto Rican author, and one of the most epic Hispanic influencers for contemporary Latinx literature. Aside from her bestselling book, Juliet Takes a Breath, she’s also the first Latina to write for Marvel Comics and the brilliant creator of America Chavez, a portal-punching Queer Latina powerhouse.

Conrad Rocha | @conradrocha

Conrad Rocha is one of the most favorite Hispanic influencers on Tiktok. Combining creative gift and innate charm, this content creator was an overnight sensation with viral dances and sketch comedy videos that millions of people love. As of writing, Rocha now has 1 million followers on Tiktok and 50k on Instagram.

Estefania Saavedra | @estifysaavi

This sassy lady is quite known for her comedic TikTok videos of everyday situations. Just by looking at her videos, it’s pretty evident that Estefi is born to entertain and make people laugh. Aside from her sits, she posts vibrantly themed make-up tips that’ll make you shine in all angles!

Maria Ferrer | @mariaferrercurves

This singer uses her talent to sing or pick songs to jolt up nostalgic, funny memories. When you browse through her feed, you’ll find her busting tunes for moments like “teaching your kids hip-hop movies,” or “when you get upstaged at karaoke.” 

Maria is also the founder of Queen Vision Ent., a company that teaches voices lessons to all ages. Hit follow and have a good laugh, or if you want to enroll in her lessons!

Ariana Brown | @arianathepoet

Ariana Brown is a Queer, Black Mexican-American poet with years of writing, performing, and teaching poetry. She released her debut poetry collection in July 2021, which beautifully and bravely explores Black relationality in Mexican and Mexican American spaces. Brown is among today’s Hispanic influencers to read and follow if you want to learn more about contemporary BIPOC literature.

Interior Design Influencers

Zenia Olivares | @styleitprettyhome  

When you stumble upon an Instagram feed that invites you to kick your feet up in a dreamy rustic haven of interior design perfection, you will have found yourself in Zenia Olivares’ playground. Driven by her creative spirit, this digital creator will inspire you to roll up your sleeves and transform your home into a dream come true!

Hey Maca | @hey.maca   

Excuse us while we completely lose ourselves in the ethereal arcadia brought to us by Hey Maca. Drenched in gossamer pastels and dreamy lighting, her Instagram feed looks like something that was dipped in a fairytale. If you’re up for giving your house a dainty makeover, the interior design tips by Hey Maca are here to colour your world!

Fashion Influencers

Paola Alberdi | @paolaalberdi

If you’re looking for some style inspiration, all roads lead to Paola Alberdi! As a mother, wife, creative director, and entrepreneur, she never fails to embody the style of a 21st-century mom with a passion for fashion. This fashion influencer keeps her 1.1 million followers entertained with her adventures to the beach, OOTDs, and snaps of her charming little family.

Diego | @dandyinthebronx

If girls can never have too many shoes, guys can never have too many suits, and that’s a fact verified by @dandyinthebronx. Diego is the epitome of a fashion king who spreads his dashing style to his loyal followers and shares tips on how to make dressing well accessible, inspirational, and cool. 

Jessica Torres | @thisisjessicatorres   

Jessica Torres is the cheerful voice behind the @fatgirlsclubpodcast. Aside from making her voice heard via the airwaves, she’s also an expert at striking poses in some of the most up-to-date fashion items and makeup looks on the planet. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole of style? 

Natalie Lim Suarez | @natalieoffduty  

When this Chinese/Spanish/Mexican influencer isn’t busy hitting notes or modelling the latest fashion, you can find her creating content for her website, NATALIEOFFDUTY.COM. This multicultural digital creator sure knows how to dress to the nines and rake in those double taps with voguish photos that capture her stylish nature.

EP | @epthelatino

What do you get when you combine eccentric hair colours with fantastic e-boy street style? Well, you get the content produced by @epthelatino, of course! This proud Latino influencer isn’t afraid to rock bright hair dyes or brave the snow in a cool T-shirt and cargo jeans. We see a trend in the making! 

Sai De Silva | @scoutthecity

Often seen exploring the city in runway-worthy style, Sai De Silva’s Instagram handle, @scoutthecity, could not be more perfect for her! Residing in NYC, this Afro/Latino queen channels a radiant blend of fashion finesse, and the best part is that her 2 kiddos seem to be style mavens in training! 

Veronica Bonilla | @verooobonilla

Make way, because Veronica Bonilla did not come to play! With her marvellous red tresses and knack for getting dolled up to take the city by storm, this style icon is always camera-ready. If you’re also blessed with natural curls like she is, you’ll find lots of value in her haircare advice too!

Erin | @theesperanzamaria

Erin, or The Esperanza Maria, is one of the most sought-after Hispanic Instagram influencers of today. With over 45,000 followers, she uses her platform to spread awareness for WOC and the LGBTQIA community. Aside from being a content creator, she is also the co-founder of co-founder of #CurlTalk (with Tacha J).

Desi Perkins | @desiperkins

Desi Perkins is a Mexican content creator and CEO of Dezi and Dezi Skin, which are popular sunnies and skincare brands respectively. The Hispanic influencer gives her 4.2 million Instagram followers a sneak peek of her lovely and lavish lifestyle with daily posts about beauty, fashion, travel, and motherhood.

Laith Ashley dela Cruz | @laith_ashley

Laith Ashley dela Cruz made headlines as one of the first transgender male models to appear in a national campaign and is represented by Slay, the first modeling agency for transgender models. One of the hottest Hispanic influencers to follow, this Adonis of Dominican descent shares snippets of his work and talks about advocacies closest to his heart to his 200k followers.

Social Activists  

Bianca Valle | @vbiancav

If you are going to influence people, you might as well empower them to do something good, like eat healthily or contribute to composting. This is exactly what Bianca Valle does with the power of her online presence! With her 100% unfiltered photos, we see exactly what the world needs and how we can pitch in to help heal our planet. Now, this is a 21st-century content-creating queen! 

Work With These Hispanic Influencers

Did we miss one of your favourite Hispanic influencers? Let us know in the comments below! We want to spread the love as much as possible.

And if you’re interested in having any of these influencers participated in your next brand campaign, reach out to us today! We’d love to work with you.



  • Dale David

    Dale David is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency. She's also a sneaker-wearing, guitar-playing, light wash denim-clad, pizza-munching, proud European '90s baby.

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  • Dale David

    Dale David is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency. She's also a sneaker-wearing, guitar-playing, light wash denim-clad, pizza-munching, proud European '90s baby.

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