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20 Influencers Lighting Up the Chicago Food Scene

Mahlet Yordanos
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Mahlet Yordanos
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Sep 20, 2023
A collage of Chicago food bloggers

Deep-dish pizza is likely the reason you’re deeply in love with the Chicago food scene, but trust us when we say this city has way more tasty treats up its sleeve. 

But where to start? Well, the good news is these Chicago food influencers are here to help point you in the right direction. Less time searching, more time chewing. 

Whether you’re looking for a food blog to binge-read or maybe a new Chicago restaurant to treat yourself to, keep reading to get to know these 20 foodies in Chicago whose adventures are sure to inspire your own!  

1. Sam Roby | @chicagofoodauthority

If you want to discover the best Chicago restaurants, then turn to the authorities…@chicagofoodauthority to be exact.

Spearheaded by Sam Roby, this platform does more than just recommend great food. It’s also a top source for calendars and updates on the biggest events in the city!

Sam Roby with a drink in front of a wall of guitars
Image source: Instagram

2. Mina | @chicagofoodgirl

From Paris to Lisbon, this Chicago food girl has travelled the world and tasted all the best dishes it has to offer. 

Beyond feeding you with incredible restaurant recommendations, you’ll also discover delicious recipes on her platform, such as Korean BBQ marinade, plant-based cashew milk, and lobster pasta. Ultimately, she doesn’t just run one of the best Chicago food blogs; she also shares travel and beauty content that you’re also going to love! 

 Mina with the Eiffel Tower in the background
Image source: Instagram

3. Chicago Food Guide | @chicago.food.guide

The Chicago Food Guide platform is run by Chicago food influencers @amintomalieh and @mcamilagallegor—and their content is so convincing that you’ll literally find yourself running to the restaurants they talk about. 

They also have a feature series called “Eat Like A Bear,” where they visit a Chicago restaurant with a Chicago Bears player for some great food and even better stories.

 Amin and Camila at a music festival
Image source: Instagram

4. 312 Food by Erin Byrne | @312food

Trust us when we say that your day won’t be complete without Erin Byrne’s food recommendations and relatable sense of humour. 

From Caribbean brunch to authentic Greek food in the middle of Chicago, allow 312 Food to map out all the best spots for you!

Erin Byrne with a glass of wine beside a plate of coloured macarons
Image source: Instagram

5. Chicago Eats | @chicago_eats

Get ready to eat everything when you start following Chicago Eats. Seriously, every single post of local food on this platform looks so appetizing that you wouldn’t even know what to start munching on first. 

Frosted Rice Krispies, mint chocolate brownies, giant pretzels, oyster filled with uni and ikura, kelp noodles, non-tuna sushi, and duck carnitas—just name it, and you’ll find it on @chicago_eats.

A giant pretzel on a plate with dips and sauces
Image source: Instagram

6. Chicago Food Goals | @chicagofoodgoals

What are your food goals? If you don’t have them quite sorted out yet, then following @chicagofoodgoals will point you in the right direction.   

With their top-tier photography skills, they capture dishes in all their detailed glory while providing in-depth reviews you can rely on.

A breakfast burrito pyramid
Image source: Instagram

7. Chicago Food Finds | @chicagofoodfinds_

Need someone to help you find your new favourite restaurants? Chicago Food Finds is here for you with POV videos sure to get you hooked!

What are the restaurants in Chicago you’ll have dreams about after trying? What’s the most underrated food that out-of-town friends need to try? Which restaurants have the worst service? Follow for these answers and more! 

A city view of Chicago with overlaid text
Image source: Instagram

8. Mauna | @maunaeatschicago

This Lifelong Illinoisan and food enthusiast documents her adventures as she eats her way through Chicago and more! 

Her super aesthetic photos will have you double-tapping everything. Did we mention she’s also currently planning her wedding and is actively sharing fun content to inspire soon-to-be-brides? Sounds like a Windy City must-follow to us!

Sushi dishes on a wooden table with chopsticks
Image source: Instagram

9. Nikki | @chi.veg.girl

Nikki calls herself a “vegetarian brown girl living in Chicago” —you’ll only need a few scrolls through her page to see she’s living her best life. 

She’s a lifesaver for all the vegetarians who’ve been having a hard time finding yummy dishes across the city. Let her restaurant reviews be your guide! 

Brunch dishes from Ema in River North
Image source: Instagram 

10. Best Date Food | @bestdatefood

Finding the best restaurants for dates can be such a headache sometimes. That’s why @bestdatefood is here to be your wingman to the best places in Chicago. 

They also post fun news and facts about the city, like dream jobs, free museum days, record-breaking concerts, and more!

A Barbie-themed restaurant in Chicago
Image source: Instagram

11. Julie Gordon | @inspiringkitchen

Julie Gordon believes food brings people together—that’s why she’s dedicated to sharing delectable recipes through her platform the “Inspiring Kitchen,” such as blueberry crumb cake, crispy roasted parmesan potatoes, and chili lime grilled shrimp tacos, etc. 

Aside from being a Chicago food blogger sharing her culinary adventures, she’s also a travel influencer and writer sharing insights on some of the world’s most amazing destinations. 

 Julie Gordon holding a cup of coffee
Image source: Instagram

12. Chicago Food Stories | @chicagofoodstories

There’s always more to food than meets the eye (and taste buds!)—these dishes have incredible stories to them as well. 

@Chicagofoodstories digs deep to unravel everything you need to know about the best food in the city. Her super detailed and heartfelt captions are always worth the read.

Desserts from the Bittersweet Pastry Shop
Image source: Instagram

13. Chicago Foodie | @chicagofoodie

Say “hey” to the original Chicago foodie. They’ve got the Instagram handle and description to prove it if you don’t believe us!

With their signature upbeat video content and Pinterest-worthy thumbnails, there’s no doubt they’ve earned their place as one of the true OG foodies in Chicago. 

Pastries from Goddess and the Baker
Image source: Instagram

14. Chicago By Ren | @chicago.by.ren

Meet Ren—your new Chicago bestie.

She’ll show you how to win a girl’s heart in Chicago, the best way to spend a weekend in the city, where to find two-for-one-eats, and point you toward some high-end restaurants that are actually worth the splurge.

Video source: TikTok

15. Erica | @ericaeatseverything

In her own words, Erica “eats everything” — but don’t worry, there’s still a lot of great food left over for you to enjoy, too!

Aside from highlighting new restaurant openings, she also gives a few tips on festivals for Chicago foodies. Her TikTok description alone gives you a glimpse of her loveable and bubbly personality: “sunny with a chance of pizza, mojitos & beyond.” #WhatAGenius

She knows exactly how to win attention in Chicago

Video source: TikTok

16. Ken | @keninchicago

Ken’s a foodie in Chicago sharing more than just great finds for your taste buds. 

Discover dog-friendly places, outdoor activities, luxury spa experiences, and nail salons when you hit that follow button! And, hey, if you’re looking for great places to eat at for under $20, she’ll tell you all about that, too. 

Video source: TikTok

17. Bored In Chicago | @bored_in_chicago

TBH, you’ll never feel bored in Chicago when you’ve got Bored in Chicago’s TikTok videos in your newsfeed. Their goal is to help you find new, fun, and cheap things to do. With over 314K followers, they are a staple in all the “foodies in Chicago” roundups. 

Their food-related posts talk about the best lunch specials, such as all-you-can-eat sushi and authentic international food. Their series called “Eating the Food of Every Country, All Near Chicago” consistently rakes in thousands of views! 

Video source: TikTok

18. Chowcago | @chowcago

Looking for the ultimate guide to exploring and discovering local restaurants, cafes, bars, and food trucks throughout Chicagoland? Then follow the adventures of the Chicago food influencers to find that next meal you’ve been craving! 

Featuring reviews that are honest and sprinkled with a dash of humour, you’ll love how they’re not afraid to *lightly* bash some dishes that don’t pass their vibe check.

The faces of Chowcago trying food from Dave’s Hot Chicken
Image source: Instagram

19. Jack Gillespie | @visualsbyjack

Jack Gillespie’s got a massive following of 348K. Apart from posting about the best steakhouses, immersive restaurants, or the oldest restaurants in the city, this food influencer is changing the world through acts of kindness. 

You’ll find him giving flowers to strangers or leaving random sticky notes with positive quotes across the city—the world needs more people like Jack!  

Video source: TikTok

20. DaFattestNinja | @dafattestninja

DaFattestNinja is also the DaCoolestNinja to us!

Some of his viral videos you might have seen on the platform include his reviews on “The Hotdog Box” and “Gorditas in Little Village.” Also known for bringing heartwarming family content to the table, you’ve got to watch his “Daddy Daughter Day” post—assuming you’re not one of the 1.8 million people who have already watched it! 

Video source: TikTok

Taste the Benefits of Influencer Marketing

So, who’s hungry? We sure are after crawling through the profiles of these popular foodies in Chicago. They’re fun, fresh, and could star in your next influencer marketing campaign—want to sink your teeth into that? 

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