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20 Climate Change Activists to Follow

Leira Lacuata
Written By
Leira Lacuata
Published On
Mar 22, 2024
From left to right: Autumn Peltier, Pattie Gonia, Jerome Foster, and Ayisha Siddiqa

Advocating for change is no longer limited to the streets.

Environmental activists take the fight online, raising awareness of climate change and educating followers on how to make positive changes, one step at a time. Climate change activists and influencers use their voices and influence to persuade communities, organizations, and governments to take action before it’s too late.

Keep reading to learn more about these climate activists, what they stand for, and the resources you can use to make a difference. 

1.  Autumn Peltier | @autumn.peltier 

Autumn Pelier is an Anishinaabe water rights advocate making waves in Toronto. She has been continuously raising awareness about the contaminated water reserves of her country. 

Her first huge appearance was at the Assembly of First Nations in 2016, where she bravely called out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s clean water policies. After that, Autumn spoke publicly in large plenaries about water — earning the title of Anishinabek Nation Chief Water Commissioner in 2019. 

Autumn Peltier wearing the Anishinabek regalia

Image Source: @autumn.peltier | Instagram

2.  Albert Lalonde | @albert.lalonde 

Albert Lalonde is one of the young climate activists from Montreal lobbying for the climate crisis reversal. They arranged a general assembly of peers who aimed to shut down the school and spread awareness about Quebec’s inaction on greenhouse gas emissions. This passionate climate activist uses activism as a platform to seek help in reversing the effects of climate change before it’s too late. 

3.  Pattie Gonia | @pattiegonia 

Pattie Gonia may be a punny take on the outdoor clothing brand, but she’ll never joke about her dedication to the environment. This fierce Oregon-native drag queen uses her platform to lobby for environmental and LGBTQIA+ issues. She works toward the acceptance of queer identities in the outdoor communities while using her charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to spread awareness about the effects of climate change on the environment.

Video Source: @pattiegonia | Instagram

4.  Leah Thomas | @greengirlleah 

She’s creative, passionate, and all about all things green — Introducing Leah Thomas, that green girl making moves on social media. 

This self-described eco-communicator from Los Angeles is one of the climate activists lobbying for intersectional environmentalism, a platform that seeks justice and inclusivity within environmental education and operations. Leah also wrote and published a book in 2022 entitled The Intersectional Environmentalist.

Video Source: @greengirlleah | Instagram

5.  Kristy Drutman | @browngirl_green 

Media host, educator, solutions-builder, and more — Kristy Drutman is out here completing life’s side quests that all work towards her major goal: diversity and environmentalism. 

This Jew-Pina has ventured to various countries to educate people about environmental issues. She uses speeches and media content to spread the word and reach a wider audience. Kristy is also the co-founder of the Green Jobs Board, an avenue where people can jump into the green economy and kickstart their climate careers.

Video Source: @browngirl_green | Instagram

6.  Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson | @ayanaeliza 

Everyone should follow Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson ASAP! She’s a marine biologist, policy expert, and writer who pours her heart out on finding solutions for the betterment of the land and ocean. 

Like other climate change activists and influencers, Dr. Ayana offers multiple resources on her Instagram account alone, and it would be a shame if you didn’t check it out today. She also has video reels that’ll teach you a thing or two about climate activism!

Video Source: @ayanaeliza | Instagram

7.  Xiye Bastida | @xiyebeara 

“We all take care of the earth because the earth takes care of us.” This is one of the Mexican Indigenous philosophies that drove Xiye Bastida to become one of the most influential climate change activists. At a young age, Xiye paused their interests and hobbies so she can focus more on studying climate policies.

Even after writing to government officials, leading young people in youth strikes, and becoming one of the youngest influentials on the planet, Xiye Bastida never rests. She continues to fight for Mother Earth and invites everyone to do the same on her platform. 

Video Source: @xiyebeara | Instagram

8.  Anne Therese Gennari | @annetheresegennari 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt anxious about the possible irreversible effects of climate change. If you did, step into Anne Therese Gennari’s Instagram account. 

This public speaker and writer can help ease that anxiety and turn it into empowerment. She’s the light in all the chaos and can shift your climate narrative, turning it into a motivator of change and action. You can see more of her positive approach in her book, The Climate Optimist Handbook.

Video Source: @annetheresegennari | Instagram

9.  Jerome Foster | @jeromefosterii 

Jerome Foster became a viral sensation when he posted his before and after transformation. He started climate striking outside the White House and became one of the White House’s advisors on climate justice! 

Jerome is a force to be reckoned with, with how he uses all his energy in “creating transformative structural social and environmental change through the mediums of art, technology, and policy for the greater good.” He uses every opportunity to speak about climate change and how youth activists can help make a difference. 

Jerome Foster standing beside a standing sign for the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council

Image Source: @jeromefosterii and @theprogressivists | Instagram

10.  Summer Dean | @climatediva 

Fast fashion is one of the world’s main polluters with the amount of waste the industry generates. Many want to move into a sustainable lifestyle but find it impossible in today’s economy.

Summer Dean, aka Climate Diva, has a platform that will help you start being fashionable sustainably. She’s one of the climate change influencers who create reactive content uncovered by traditional media coverage. Follow her account for slow fashion tips, product alternatives, and what brands to support!

Video Source: @climatediva | Instagram

11.  Sophia Kianni | @sophiakianni 

Youth climate activists can see signs of land degradation, and they are not imagining it. Sophia Kianni is one of them, and her interest in activism began when she couldn’t see her nightly stars due to a blanket of smog. 

Sophia’s continuous activism allowed her to speak publicly about the effects of climate change. Her efforts gained the attention and support of many, giving her the credibility to become the youngest United Nations advisor and work with world leaders. She also founded Climate Cardinals, a non-profit organization that promotes climate education in multiple languages. 

Video Source: @sophiakianni | Instagram 

12.  Sophia Li | @sophfei 

Content pollution exists, too! This phenomenon makes it harder for people to access genuine information and makes them prone to misinformation. That’s where Sophia Li stands her ground. This award-winning journalist, climate advocate, public speaker, and UN Human Rights champion dedicates her everything to making information about climate justice, human rights, and the web3 more accessible. 

Sophia Li in a black ensemble standing in front of a row of country flags in a UN Development Programme event

Image Source: @sophfei | Instagram

13.  Wawa Gatheru | @wawa_gatheru 

When Wawa Gatheru became a climate activist, she noticed how the climate movement wasn’t as relevant or accessible as she thought it would be. This observation led her to founding the Black Girl Environmentalist, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering black girls, women, and non-binary people in the climate movement. 

Under her leadership, BGE has worked with 55 corporate and non-profit organizations and hosted 38 events across 10 HUB cities — a herculean feat! 

She’s also present on TikTok and uses the online platform’s diversity to make environmental information more available!

Video Source: @wawa_gatheru | Instagram

14.  Charitie Ropati | @charitieropati 

Charitie Ropati’s Instagram gives you a glimpse into her busy but fulfilling life. She’s a Yup’ik and Samoan activist who has dedicated her life to advocating for education and the environment. Her efforts allowed her to implement an accurate and inclusive sub-curriculum on Indigenous communities within Western pedagogy.

Environmental-wise, Charitie explores the connections between plant ecology, permafrost, and cultural resilience in coastal Native communities. She’s also the co-founder of the Instagram account, @lilnativegirlinSTEM, a non-profit organization that promotes equity for Indigenous women in the STEM field.

Charitie Ropati wearing a Columbia University toga, a Yup’ik headdress, and white circular earrings

Image Source: @charitieropati | Instagram

15.  Isaias Hernandez | @queerbrownvegan 

Growing up, Isaias Hernandez lived in a community where environmental injustice was rampant. This shaped him into who he is today — an environmental justice educator and activist. 

His ambition and experiences pushed him to make Queer Brown Vegan, an online platform that people can use to learn more about social justice and intersectional topics not covered in environmental spaces. 

He’s also one of the climate change activists and influencers who joined Billie Eilish’s campaign on Vogue in January 2023!

Video Source: @queerbrownvegan | Instagram

16.  Ayisha Siddiqa | @ayisha_sid 

Like other young climate activists, Ayisha Siddiqa had first-hand experience with pollution. She grew up in a community with polluted water that caused illnesses and death to her beloved grandparents. This awakened her accountability for her environmental responsibilities, which solidified further when she learned the connection between climate change and human rights.

As the co-founder of Polluters Out and one of the brains behind Fossil Free University, the Pakistani-American climate justice advocate uses all her platforms as opportunities to invite people to join the movement.

Ayisha Siddiqa on the cover of Time Magazine March 2023 Issue

Image Source: @ayisha_sid | Instagram

17.  Alaina Wood | @thegarbagequeen 

Alaina is a climate activist and sustainability scientist who uses TikTok as the main platform for spreading awareness and educating people about climate change. Her eco-anxiety pushed her to create this account as a means to cope with the doom feeling, but she believes that nothing is too late. 

Give her a follow and watch her interesting series such as Doom Debunks, Big Oil Bad Guys, and Good Climate News. She also talks about fossil fuels and their effects on the environment!


Three Fun Facts About Me: 1. I used to show tennessee walking horses 🐴 2. The tattoo on my arm is a lady fern 🌱 3. I know how to drive trash trucks 🛻

♬ original sound – Alaina Wood

Video Source: @thegarbagequeen | TikTok

18.  Carissa Cabrera | @carissaandclimate 

Marine biologist Carissa Cabrera is one of the climate change influencers and activists who use TikTok content creation to connect with a younger audience and inform them about environmental issues. 

“If you really care about the ocean, you have to care about climate solutions and take climate action.” This direct quote is a message to everyone on the platform because she wants you to know that ocean conservation and climate change are deeply intertwined. Follow her today and learn what you can do!

@carissaandclimate Did you know we passed the strongest climate bill in history in 2022?? This is how it's helping planet ocean now! 🌍 thank you to @NRDC for helping pass this game changing legislation! #stokedonsolutions #fightingchange #inflationreductionact #coastalcommunities #oceanjustice ♬ White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes

Video Source: @carissaandclimate | TikTok

19.  Isra Hirsi | @israhirsi 

Isra Hirsi from Minneapolis has shocked thousands of people with her actions at a young age. In high school, Isra led thousands of youth climate change activists across the country in the School Strike for Climate to let the adults know that the youth is taking charge in stopping the irreversible effects of climate change. 

Video Source: @israhirsi | Instagram

20.  Kevin Patel | @imkevinjpatel 

Have you followed Kevin Patel on Instagram yet? It’s time to do so! He’s a climate justice activist and community organizer with respiratory issues that didn’t stop him from fighting for what’s right. He founded OneUpAction International, an organization supporting marginalized youth and providing them with the resources they need to take climate action. 

Video Source: @imkevinjpatel | Instagram

Make a Change and Raise Awareness With Climate Change Activists 

Through their influence and platforms, climate change activists make environmental information more accessible worldwide. However, they can’t do this alone and require the help of organizations.

Working with climate change influencers and activists can boost your brand credibility. If that’s what you’re looking for, The Influence Agency can help. Our team of experts can create a marketing campaign that resonates with environmental influencers and their audiences. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!



  • Leira Lacuata

    Leira Lacuata is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency with a penchant for creating mood-specific music playlists, discovering song samples and collecting vinyl records. You'll find her lifting heavy weights at a gym while rapping Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar's songs word for word in her free time.

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  • Leira Lacuata

    Leira Lacuata is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency with a penchant for creating mood-specific music playlists, discovering song samples and collecting vinyl records. You'll find her lifting heavy weights at a gym while rapping Tyler the Creator and Kendrick Lamar's songs word for word in her free time.

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