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19 Climate Change Activists to Follow

Dale David
Written By
Dale David
Published On
Apr 10, 2023
A collage of four climate change activists

At this point, our planet is the warmest it has ever been in the past 800,000 years; since the 1950s, half of the world’s coral reefs have died. 

Without proper action, climate change could be irreversible by 2030. This means extreme heat, droughts, widespread flooding, and the extinction of more than a million species.

But what have we all done so far to fight climate change and protect the planet we call home? Not enough, apparently—but it’s not too late to start now. So, where do we begin?

This Earth Day, let’s take a look at these 19 frontline warriors who continue to push for proper action: the planet’s most famous climate change activists. Inspiring and strong-willed, their valuable influence and substantial voices deserve all the attention in the world. 

1. Xiye Bastida | @xiyebeara

This climate change activist, who was raised within the Otomi-Toltec Indigenous community, was honoured with the UN Spirit Award back in 2018. It couldn’t be more well-deserved, considering that she’s an organizer of Fridays For Future and the co-founder of Re-Earth Initiative, an organization that highlights the intersectionality of the climate crisis. 

Xiye Bastida

2. Leah Thomas | @greengirlleah

Leah Thomas is a proud “eco-communicator” who leverages her impeccable interpersonal and writing skills to shine the spotlight on environmentalism and social justice.

Putting her powerful thoughts onto paper, she authored The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet.

 Leah Thomas

3. Isaias Hernandez | @queerbrownvegan

Isaias Hernandez’s view on the climate crisis could not possibly be more accurate. According to him it’s “an educational crisis” — and what’s necessary to address it is various “forms of education that can be sustained outside of our institutions.”

The goal of this climate change activist who majored in Environmental Science is to help create a world where learning about environmentalism is simple and straightforward. Because of this dream, the QueerBrownVegan platform was born.

Isaias Hernandez

4. Immy Lucas | @sustainably_vegan

Following Immy Lucas will truly change the way you look at daily life. She’s inspiring audiences to live as sustainably and low impact as possible—but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of being adventurous.

From sharing how to make your own shampoo to documenting her “100 days of getting outside” challenge, she’s showing everyone how to live an environment-friendly lifestyle.

Immy Lucas

5. Sabs | @sustainablesabs

This climate change activist has a lot of valuable things to say about conscious living. Her tips on being a mindful spender are bound to make you re-evaluate how you spend your $$$ on new wardrobe updates. And the chances are high you’ll take a shot at the #SpendingPending challenge she’s so dedicated to.

This fashionable eco-warrior is also the co-founder of @intersectionalenvironmentalist, a non-profit that’s “radically imagining a more equitable and diverse future of environmentalism.” 


6.  Karishma | @karishmaclimategirl

She’s honest. She’s straightforward. And she’s on a mission to help save the planet. Karishma—whose name literally translates to “magic”—is a climate change activist who helps audiences realize that they do have the power to make a positive impact. 

She does this by sharing action-oriented climate solutions, effective ways to stand up to the climate crisis, and exposing fast-fashion and greenwashing issues that don’t get enough attention. 


7. Tim Silverwood | @timsilverwood

Tim Silverwood continues to surf his way to the top as an honourable climate change activist.

As the co-founder of @oceanimpactorg, an organization that invests in businesses that positively impact the ocean, and Take 3 For The Sea, which is a movement that challenges people to take three pieces of garbage with them when they leave the beach, it’s clear that this surfer is one of the ocean’s biggest superheroes.

Tim Silverwood

8.  Finn Harries | @finnharries

From being a designer and filmmaker to becoming a celebrated climate change activist, Finn Harries’ work never fails to move audiences as he magnifies the beauty of the planet and the dire state that it’s currently in. 

He’s also the co-founder of Earthrise Studio, a digital media company that communicates new ways of thinking about climate, culture, and consciousness. 

Finn Harries

9. Manuela Baron | @thegirlgonegreen

For Manuela Baron, her world travels ignited her passion for the environment. Seeing severe cases of plastic pollution made her dive into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Today, she actively educates and raises awareness on eco-issues and solutions through her platform, “The Girl Gone Green.”

Manuela Baron

10. Kristy Drutman | @browngirl_green

“Going green” can be applied to so many aspects of life—even more than you’d initially imagine. In Kristy Drutman’s case, she’s dedicated to helping people find “green jobs,” which is why she founded the Green Jobs Board.

In February 2023, she was even invited to the White House to create content and report live about the State of the Union this year!

Kristy Drutman

11.  Pattie Gonia | @pattiegonia

Whether she’s putting on her drag queen, environmentalist, or community organizer hat, Pattie Gonia always makes a powerful statement.

She’s the co-founder behind The Outdoorist Oath, a nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting the planet and the idea of inclusion through adventurous activities. 

Pattie Gonia

12. Sophia Li | @sophfei

A journalist, filmmaker, and an advocate—many might know this multi-hyphenate as one of the most celebrated climate change activists in the world. 

In 2022, Sophia Li was honoured by Refinery29 with the Sustainable Innovator Award. She’s also been recognized as an official United Nations Human Rights Champion.

Amplifying her thoughts on the environmental crisis even further, she currently hosts Meta’s Climate Talks podcast.

Sophia Li

13. Alaina Wood | @itsthegarbagequeen

Drop whatever it is that you’re doing–because what Alaina Wood has to say about the state of the planet deserves your undivided attention–especially because she’s dedicated to educating audiences in a way that “won’t give them a panic attack.”

This environmental scientist and Appalachian climate change activist is a top resource for environmental news—both the good and the bad!

Alaina Wood

14.  Jerome Foster II | @jeromefosterii

Jerome Foster went from being one of the organizers of Fridays for Future holding weekly climate strikes at the White House for over 57 weeks to becoming the youngest member of the Whitehouse Environmental Justice Advisory Council.

This famous climate change activist proves that you’re never too young to make a positive, planet-saving impact.

Jerome Foster II

15. Summer Dean | @climatediva

As Summer Dean takes care of the planet, she always looks fantastic doing it.

Refusing to pick just one facet of herself to show the world, this climate change activist is just as passionate about the environment as she is about style and aesthetics. Anyone whose heart skips a beat at the thought of slow fashion, beauty, and climate will tap this activist’s follow button in a heartbeat. 

Summer Dean

16. Sarah Robertson Barnes | @sarah.robertson.barnes

When you start implementing some low-waste living tips courtesy of Sarah Robertson Barnes, you’ll realize just how fulfilling a sustainable lifestyle really is—whether it’s as simple as opting for reusable containers or learning how to green up your laundry routine.

There’s this inexplicable heartwarming and peaceful quintessence to her content—and we must say it does a great job of encouraging the notion that a greener life can easily equate to a happier life. 

 Sarah Robertson Barnes

17. Jhanneu | @jhanneu

This sustainability expert and climate change activist is here to empower you to live mindfully and fearlessly. With her incredible eco-living, personal finance, and travel content, we can already tell that she’s achieving that goal one post at a time!


18. Lily | @lilyslensonlife

If digital storytelling’s the game, then @lilyslensonlife is someone you’ll always be rooting for. She’s all about exploring the planet and learning how to protect it.

See the world through her lens as she puts the focus on responsible travel and sustainability.


19. Megan and Julie | @out_in.nature

Follow the adventures of these climate change activists as they prove that life gets better when you decide to be out in nature.

Megan and Julie, who are in the teaching and nursing industry, will 100% unleash your inner travel bug. Taking care of the planet means forging strong connections with it— and what better way to do that than by actually spending precious time getting to know everything about it?

 Megan and Julie

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If you want to be heard, you have to turn up the volume—and that’s exactly what these famous climate change activists do every day in a world where many of the most pressing issues tend to get glossed over. 

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  • Dale David

    Dale David is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency. She's also a sneaker-wearing, guitar-playing, light wash denim-clad, pizza-munching, proud European '90s baby.

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  • Dale David

    Dale David is a Content Writer at The Influence Agency. She's also a sneaker-wearing, guitar-playing, light wash denim-clad, pizza-munching, proud European '90s baby.

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