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Influencer Marketing

an illustration of a man looking at a woman through a circular glass
The Influence Awards logo
A collage of five Vancouver fashion and lifestyle influencers
A collage of five famous nutritionist influencers
A collage of three interior designers from Halifax
A collage of Chicago food bloggers


Influencer Marketing
Trends & Predictions for 2023

Gain instant access to The Yearbook; our annual publication that dissects pivotal shifts in digital marketing year-over-year, created by industry experts for brands, content creators, and marketers.


From left to right: Bekah Cloud, Allison Lang, Woody Belfort
A collage of five of the top LA beauty influencers
A collage of five Instagram pet influencers
A collage of three travel influencers from New York
A content creator shooting a video for likes, comments, and follows
A collage of five Atlanta fitness influencers


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Three influencers holding up their phones with #TikTok on the screens
An illustration of an apple on a desk
A group of millennials and zoomers on their phones as they lean against a brick wall
Collage of three science-based fitness influencers
A coin being dropped into a piggy bank
Collage of four gambling influencers
From left to right: Sidney Crosby, Christine Sinclair, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
a collage of five beauty influencers in Miami
A collage of 5 famous cosplayers
A collage of five professional bull riders
A collage of Atlana musicians and singers
A collage of San Diego family influencers
A collage of five New York drag queens
A collage of four Las Vegas travel influencers
A collage of five drag kings
A collage of five Miami food influencers
a group of graduates throwing their caps in the air
Three photos of Connie Yu in a collage
A collage of five Miami fashion influencers
A collage of five Chicago lifestyle influencers
A file folder with the title “invoices” on a blue background
A collage of four NYC-based food influencers
A collage of four climate change activists
A collage of five travel and adventure influencers from Vancouver
A de-influencer telling audiences not to buy a concealer product
A collage of three interior designers from Montreal
A collage of five virtual influencers
A collage of Julia Grieve’s photos
A collage of 4 vegan influencers from Los Angeles
An influencer filming her lunch for her influencer marketing strategy
A flat lay of a laptop, camera, tripod, tablet, and notebook
Virtual influencers, @minniemouse, @nobodysausage and @imma.gram
A collage of three Halifax family influencers
A collage of five dishes from Montreal food influencers
A UGC content creator recording a video
A collage of five New York fashion influencers
Male gamer using VR headset in his living room to play video games
The Kensington Grey team
A collage of four Vancouver food influencers and a matcha soft serve
A TikTok book influencer holding a book
A collage of four Black food influencers
A social media follower liking the post of her favourite Canadian influencer
A collage of five Black activists
A collage of Taylor Swift, The Beatles, Harry Styles, and BTS
a collage of Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Cara Delevingne, Steve Aoki, and Liam Payne
The Influence Awards logo
a collage of Lili Reinhart, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Florence Pugh
Delta Investment Tracker Logo with black background
Close up of an endorsement agreement
A charity food donation drive
A collage of The Influence Awards judges
An Amazon influencer talking about products to her followers
A collage of three Halloween makeup influencers
A collage of three thanksgiving dinner ideas
A collage of five Indigenous TikTok creators
Everleigh Rose, Ryan Kaji, Mila Stauffer, and Emma Stauffer
A collage of 5 non-binary influencers and content creators
a collage of five wellness influencers from Toronto
A collage of Charli D’Amelio, the Stokes Twins, Addison Rae, and Huddy
A collage of five LGBTQ+ dad influencers
A collage of five American dad influencers
Collage of 5 Indigenous Creators
Canadian Dad Influencers
A variety of crypto currency coins
A collage of food from different Toronto food bloggers
A collage of five Canadian mom influencers
A collage of American mom influencers
An influencer filming an unboxing
Top Canadian Cannabis Influencers
Top American Cannabis Influencers
a collage of five entrepreneur influencers
Three cans of CUT Energy by Hydroxycut
A collage of 5 female empowerment and body positivity influencers
A collage of 5 New York activists
Female streamer at her gaming setup streaming for her audience
An influencer holding dollar bills in front of her face
A collage of 5 Montreal Family Influencers
A content creator setting up her camera and ring light
A collage of the BookTubers PeruseProject, JesseTheReader, PolandBananaBOOKS, FictionalFates, and Ariel Bissett
Paper cut out people surrounding a settings wheel cut out with the word “SEO” written on it
a collage of five up-and-coming influencers
A Los Angeles street sign
Elaquent headshot by Ryan Antooa
A flower wall and a blush pink couch at one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Las Vegas
A collage of five LA wellness Influencers
The Influence Awards graphic
Collage of Hispanic/Latinx Influencers, Carla Nunes, Kisha Gulley, Antonia Fifi, Curly Velasquez, and Bethany Mota
Collage of influencers over 50 years old
A collage of five Gen Z influencers
Birds-eye view of a female influencer, editing her YouTube video
a collage of five Canadian gaming influencers
The Olympic Rings
a collage of five YouTube gamers
a collage of five Twitch gamers
The Instagram logo on a pink backdrop
An influencer creating video content
A collage of five Asian influencers
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