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A Look Back at 2021 and
A Look Ahead at 2022

The Influence Agency presents The Yearbook: a record of the biggest and most influential events in the last year. In this document we attempt to answer the question, what does 2021 hold for digital marketing?

Sign up and download your free copy of The Yearbook to discover the top digital trends from 2021 and what's to come in 2022.

A collage of three Halloween makeup influencers
A collage of three thanksgiving dinner ideas
A collage of five Indigenous TikTok creators
A collage of 5 non-binary influencers and content creators
a collage of five wellness influencers from Toronto
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A collage of five LGBTQ+ dad influencers
A collage of five American dad influencers
Collage of 5 Indigenous Creators
Canadian Dad Influencers
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A collage of five Canadian mom influencers
A collage of American mom influencers
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Top Canadian Cannabis Influencers
Top American Cannabis Influencers
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A collage of 5 female empowerment and body positivity influencers
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A collage of five Gen Z influencers
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The Olympic Rings
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A collage of five New York food influencers
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A collage of five New York fashion influencers
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How To Become An Influencer
Influencer Spotlight
Top Canadian TikTok Influencers
Collage of Black-owned businesses and professionals
8 influencers in a collage
Side-by-side photos of Maddie Lymburner, Gabby Scheyen, Keltie O'Connor, and Linda Sun
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influencer campaign
10 TikTok Creators You Need To Follow Right Now
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Influencer marketing
How Influencers Are Reacting to COVID-19
TikTok during social distancing
Influencers Toronto
Sustainable Influencers
Advertising and Influencer Marketing
Canadian influencers
10 Brands To Watch
Toronto Vegan Influencers
Trendy influencers Toronto
Brand Awareness For Spirit Of York
Formula for Instagram Influencer Success
Most Influential Influencers
Top US Wellness Influencers
Influencer marketing
Drag Queens
Influencer Spotlight on: Coastal Kells
Home Decor Influencers
The Grey Canvas
micro vs macro influencer campaign
Influencer Spotlight On: Meghan Yuri Young
5 Reasons Influencer Marketing Is Here To Stay
fyre festival influencers
Top 5 Influencer Lightroom Presets
Micro-Influencers 2019
The Power of Influencer Marketing in Experiential Field Marketing Initiatives
5 Toronto Men’s Fashion Influencers To Follow
Influencer Spotlight: Victoria Hui
Toronto Foodies to Follow
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She Ain't Gotta Do Much by Classified
canadian travel influencers
Influencer Spotlight On: Jake Mossop
instagram dogs to follow
Influencers posing in front of the Las Vegas sign
Influencer Marketing Checklist - The Influence Agency
5 Things To Consider When Investing In Influencer Marketing
Influencer spotlight- brigitte truong
8 Toronto Women's Fashion Influencers
What Is The Future of Influencer Marketing


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"At Universal Music, we are frequently tasked with launching new albums and products with little to no notice which can prove challenging for traditional agencies.
The team at the Influence Agency have proven time and time again their ability to be both nimble and efficient at delivering influencer campaigns that are strategically targeted, creative and most importantly impactful with our artists audiences."

Fraser MacKenzie -
U Music

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"The Influence Agency is phenomenal. They’re incredible outside-the-box thinkers and we’re a great alternative to the traditional marketing efforts taken for the NFP I work for. We worked directly with Stephanie and Tom, both who had a high level understanding of the industry and a completely professional approach to social promotion. Looking forward to working with their team again!"

Nicki Lamont -
Plan International

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"As a creator, it was so easy working with The Influence Agency. They've put me forward for a number of awesome campaigns and have given me full creative control to execute them. I can't wait to work with them in the future!"

Distorted Lens -

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"The Influence Agency has been a huge part of our success for The Rose Picnic!! We love working with the team and look forward to many more great years together!"

Adam Julian Mahgoub -
Rosé Picnic

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"The Influence Agency is by far one of the best agencies I've worked with in Toronto. They provide so much value to each and every one of their clients, and I've had the pleasure of working with them on many different campaigns. Not only are they professional, but very personable. They are a delight to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in growing their brand or business in an meaningful and creative way."

Kassandra Nunes -
Exodus Festival Las Vegas

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"Having blogged for 10 years and having worked with a plethora of agencies, The Influence Agency team has been one of the top agencies I've connected with. Their ability to both balance creator relations and interests, while maintaining the priorities of their brands is incredibly impressive. As a creator, the team is always supportive and responsive and truly makes developing branded content seamless! I always look forward to working with them!"

Mel Inspired -

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