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The Influence Agency and Toronto-based Blue Ant Plus Announce Strategic New Partnership

The Influence Agency
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The Influence Agency
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Oct 14, 2021
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Canada’s award-winning branded content studio, Blue Ant Plus, and The Influence Agency, one of North America’s leading influencer marketing and digital agencies, announced today a strategic partnership that will see the two companies work closely together to create a full-service, curated influencer marketing solution for Canadian brands, agencies and advertisers. The partnership is timely, with the growing investment for influencer marketing increasing as a result of the pandemic accelerating brands’ shift towards the digital marketplace. Together, Blue Ant Plus and The Influence Agency create a one-stop destination for clients looking to move away from the transactional nature of one-off engagements with influencers to a more evolved and sophisticated content-based strategy, combined with standardized pricing and data analytics reporting. The new multi-faceted approach is a win-win for marketers, giving them access to world-class storytelling, compelling creative production and a front-row seat to their desired demographic through authentic collaborations with globally recognized influencers.

“Blue Ant Plus’ expertise is rooted in crafting memorable stories through compelling creative content that entertains, educates and empowers. We’re excited to partner with The Influence Agency as we continue to build on Blue Ant Plus’ offering,” says Toni Rufo, Head of Client Services, Blue Ant Plus. “Our intent is to work alongside The Influence Agency, who are leading digital marketers and collaborate with  globally recognized talent across North America, to help clients create quality content with trusted influencers who share their brand’s voice and values.”

“As many brands begin planning for 2022, a major focus will be understanding how to break through the saturated digital space and connect with consumers in thoughtful and meaningful ways that not only inspire dialogue but create meaningful actions. Influencer Marketing has consistently proven to be that bridge between brands and consumers and has been a huge driver of success with our brand partners,” says Stephanie Palasti, Partner and Director of Client Success, The Influence Agency. “Today’s consumers are savvy and critical of the content they consume and by who it’s from. We’re excited to be partnering with Blue Ant Plus to execute out-of-the-box campaigns that not only resonate with audiences but send ripples throughout the digital space.” 

In this newly-established partnership, Blue Ant Plus will lead on the creative content production and distribution and project management. The Influence Agency will play a vital role as a matchmaker, helping clients discover and work with a diverse range of influencers who can share their message in an authentic way. Both Blue Ant Plus and The Influence Agency will work closely together, from concept to completion, on the strategy, insights, data analytics reporting, to deliver cohesive and impactful campaigns to clients. Toni Rufo, Head of Client Services, Blue Ant Plus and Stephanie Palsati, Partner and Director of Client Success, The Influence Agency will lead the partnership. Together, Rufo and Palasti act as the point of sale contacts for brands and agencies interested in learning more about their combined offering and will oversee the onboarding of new projects and clients. 

Owned and operated by Blue Ant Media, Blue Ant Plus has been producing branded content entertainment for nationally and globally recognized agencies and clients in the consumer and B2B space since its doors opened in 2017. The Influence Agency has a proven track record creating lifetime brand ambassadors for high-profile clients through influencer marketing. The agency currently holds the largest database of influencers, celebrities and athletes in North America. Prior to the partnership announced today, Blue Ant Plus previously collaborated with The Influence Agency on successful campaigns for clients, including Corby Distilleries, Catelli, Spin Master, and more. 

Blue Ant Plus is a full-service content studio, creating branded stories of all shapes and sizes (video, editorial, photography, and influencer). A boutique shop with the resources of a global media company, we offer a turn-key experience, combining our in-house production capabilities with Blue Ant Media‘s proven recipe for compelling content. We also offer seamless integration with Blue Ant’s roster of niche passion brands, including Cottage Life, T+E, Makeful, and MobileSyrup. blueantplus.com/LinkedIn/Instagram.

The Influence Agency is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada. Since their start in 2017, they’ve established themselves as one of the country’s most sought-after agencies for strategizing and executing some of the biggest influencer and digital marketing campaigns. They’ve worked alongside notable brands including Jamieson, Universal Music Canada, Puma, Lowes, Napoleon, and Iovate – an impressive roster that only continues to grow! theinfluenceagency.com / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin

Media Contacts:

Blue Ant Plus
Jakki Roussel
Communications Manager, Canada
Blue Ant Media
T: (905)484-1787
E: jakki.roussel@blueantmedia.com

The Influence Agency
Tanya Cruz
Director of Communications, Canada
The Influence Agency
T: (416)254-2944
E: tcruz@theinfluenceagency.com

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