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Your Ultimate Guide to SERP Features

Suhani Purohit
Written By
Suhani Purohit
Published On
Apr 29, 2022
Screenshot of The Influence Agency’s SERP results

Whatever question comes to our mind, we do a Google search. Whenever we plan to visit a beautiful location, we do a Google search.

The pages that appear when a user types in a search query are known as SERPs, or search engine results pages. Depending on your search query, the highest-ranking and most relevant information is displayed to you in a variety of ways on these results pages — and these display options are known as SERP features. 

The goal for marketing professionals is to appear first on the first page of SERPs, this is because the websites ranking top in the results receive the most clicks. They also have a better probability of capturing a customer than any other rival on the first page.

There are a variety of SEO methods that can assist marketers in achieving that goal through different SERP features. However, as Google’s algorithm evolves, achieving that coveted top position has become more difficult than ever. 

This blog will break down the different types of SERP features that you can optimize your website for in order to rank in Google’s competitive landscape.

Let’s get started!

 a person using Google

How Does the Search Engine Results Page Work?

There are three stages that are involved when users search on Google:

  1. Crawling: The bots of Google look for updated pages to index on the web;
  2. Indexing: Explore the images, content, URL, and other media files to place them into the database; and
  3. Serving: Before showing the results to users, the bots determine which web page is most relevant to their search query.

The above three steps are not enough for a website to rank on the first page of Google SERPs. This requires a strong SEO practice to stand out in such a competitive landscape.

Top 10 Advanced Search Engine Result Page Features

Now that you know how SERPs work and what you can do to boost your rank, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 SERP features you need to know:

1.  Featured Snippets

Featured snippets appear at the very top of the organic results, in “position zero.” 

Google SERP featured snippets example of Clera Windows + Doors

The domain containing the text, response, and image connected to the search query may be linked to by Google highlighted snippets. 

2. Knowledge Panel

A knowledge panel is used by Google to give a quick summary of people, places, or things, and it often includes important dates, a brief review of the issue or topics, and some photographs. In desktop results, the panel appears in the upper right corner, while in mobile results, it appears at the top. 

The Influence Agency’s Google knowledge panel

3. Image Pack

Among organic results, picture results may appear as a row or block of similar images. By selecting a result, you will be taken to the “Images” search tab, from which you can access the website that hosts the image.

Google image pack snippets

4. Top Stories

Google displays results from news stories relevant to the query, stating when the story was published and by whom. 

Google top stories

5. People Also Ask (PAA)

Google generates “people also ask” (PAA) questions automatically based on searches it thinks are relevant to your query. These are linked to responses that users can read on Google SERPs by clicking on them.

People also ask SERP feature

6. Sitelinks

Sitelinks are distinct links that appear beneath Google’s website results. These links are displayed by Google to assist users in swiftly navigating to a certain section of a website. 

Google sitelinks

7. Related Searches

Google also includes a “related searches” section at the bottom of the SERPs, which prompts users to perform other searches connected to their initial query.

Google related searches

8. Shopping Results

Google recognizes the buyers’ interest by determining the intent of a query. Those keywords prompts a list of products available for purchase from various e-commerce sites.

Google shopping results

9. Local Pack

When a query involves local services like “coffee shop near me,” a Local Pack appears in SERPs. This feature is incredibly important for brick and mortar businesses looking to get more foot traffic to their location.

Google local pack

10. Tweets

The most recent and popular Tweets relevant to a query are usually highlighted in search results.

Tweets in Google featured snippets

Want to Rank Higher on Google’s SERP?

If you’re seeking the most efficient strategy to secure a top spot in the SERPs, The Influence Agency’s search engine optimization service is just what you need.

Let our expert marketing team handle the tough part — all you need to do is contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with growing your brand!



  • Suhani Purohit

    Suhani Purohit is an SEO Specialist at TIA, always curious to know “WHY?”. She is passionate about analyzing websites deeply and developing effective strategies. Apart from this, she loves to dance as it makes her mind calm and creative.

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  • Suhani Purohit

    Suhani Purohit is an SEO Specialist at TIA, always curious to know “WHY?”. She is passionate about analyzing websites deeply and developing effective strategies. Apart from this, she loves to dance as it makes her mind calm and creative.

    View all posts

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