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18 Personal Finance Influencers To Follow

Jordyn Gangbar
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Jordyn Gangbar
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Dec 16, 2020
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There’s no time like the holidays, a global pandemic, and a recession to start thinking about your finances. Luckily, there are personal finance influencers on social media who are here to make you smarter at managing your wealth and plan for the future.

This is a niche influencer marketing group that is sure to grow in the coming years. Let’s look at some of The Influence Agency‘s favourite influencers who help make every generation better with money.

Personal Finance Influencers on Instagram

Number 1: Haley Sacks @MrsDowJones

This New York personal finance influencer has crowned herself a financial popstar. She has earned this title every little bit. Her goal is to make financial literacy accessible for everyone and to keep you rich. We love how she takes financial jargon and pears it with pop culture and humour to make finance cool.  She uses social media to teach people how to save, invest, and prepare for their future. Haley is currently working on her CFP designation to make her a more qualified resource. Follow her on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and her website to start your financial journey. #financeiscool

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Number 2: Jeremy Schneider @personalfinanceclub 

Jeremy is an entrepreneur and software developer. After selling his business, he spent the next few years learning what to do with that money and how to make it grow. Now he shares his financial knowledge with everyone. He believes that living below your means and investing early are the keys to success.  We love that he shows you the financial implications of various life decisions. To follow this personal finance influencer, go to Instagram or his website for more information.

Number 3: Sahirenys Pierce @poisedfinancelifestyle

This Latina money educator’s goal is to simplify money for millennials. She makes her money-saving tips accessible in Spanish and English. She retired in her twenties and now her goal is to share all her finance knowledge with others. Her goal is to show you how to save money – especially as a mother. The inventor of the high 5 banking method: how to bank with purpose, Sahirenys is one to learn from. For more tips follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and her website.

Number 4: Tori Dunlap @herfirst100k 

Tori is a marketer and personal finance influencer who made her first $100,000 at the age of 25. She is now dedicated to helping other women learn to save and gain financial confidence. Today, Tori is a consultant who runs workshops to teach women how to improve their finances. You can follow her on Instagram, TikTok, and her website for more information.

Number 5: Paige Pritchard @thepurposefulpenny 

Like most students, finding a way to pay off your student loans is daunting. Paige’s personal finance journey began when she was trying to pay off her student loans and other debts. Together with her husband, they have paid off $98,000 of debt after 10 years. Her mission is to empower women and couples to build massive wealth together.  Follow her on Instagram and her website for more information on a successful budgeting plan.

Number 6: Kendall @babeonabudgetblog 

Kendall is a law school grad. She is using Instagram to help her and others stay accountable for personal finances. Her pillars for success include tracking goals, match programs, and budgeting. We love that she offers tips and tricks to save money on utilities, car insurance, groceries, and more! This girl has all the information you need to get on the right track to a debt-free life.

Number 7: Dyana @moneybossmama 

A single mom who doesn’t let that stand in the way of her financial success. Dyana is an American influencer who helps other people build strong budgets and get out of debt. While 2020 certainly had its challenges this finance influencer didn’t let it get in her way. Starting this journey in 2016, this is the year she became debt-free. She shares how she adjusted her budget and how she makes one ensure she stays on track for her long-term goals. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and her website so you don’t miss a single one of her tips.

Number 8: Dannie @penniestowealth 

Dannie is not new to the personal finance world. She has paid off $130,912 of debt. Now she works to show you how to manage a budget, slash your debt, and build up your wealth penny at a time. After following Dannie, you will also be an advocate for having a budget, a 401k, and IRA. Follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and her website for more penny-saving tips. 

Number 9: Allison Baggerly @inspiredbudget 

Allison shares the tools you need to improve your personal finance. We love that provides ongoing motivation to stay inspired on your debt-free journey. Through her page, she helps you understand emergency funds, budgeting, and cash envelopes. Visit her website to see all the tips she has!

Number 10: Kevin O’Leary @kevinolearytv 

Our personal finance influencer list wouldn’t be complete without the Canadian shark himself, Kevin O’Leary. He is a venture capitalist who also teaches the fundamentals of business and finance. After selling his own software company in 1999, he took control of his money from his managers. He founded his own mutual fund company, O’Leary Funds. In addition to Shark Tank or CNBC, he is a chairman at O’Shares ETFs and Beanstox.

Personal Finance Influencers on TikTok (AKA StockTok or MoneyTok)

Number 11: Cassandra @moneywithcass 

This Canadian TikTok finance influencer explains investing, one short-form video at a time. She helps millennials and gen-z understand what investing in Canada looks like. Her goal is to make financial literacy accessible to everyone.

@moneywithcassinvesting isn’t only for “the rich”. it’s how the “average” person becomes rich ##stocks ##invest ##fyp ##stockmarket ##business ##sidehustle♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

Number 12: Robinhood Kid @robinhoodkid 

This girl is making stocks and investing easy for everyone to understand and start doing. We love how she breaks down the terminology and shows off tools that she uses to choose investments she would like to make. 

@robinhoodkidGirls Talk Stocks: Episode 1. Reply to @thealexcruz ##fyp ##stocks ##stockmarket ##teachersoftiktok ##calls ##options ##girlstalkstocks ##trading♬ WITHOUT YOU – The Kid LAROI

Number 13: Emma @nursefern 

 Emma is using her platform as a nurse to help fellow nurses learn about money and career options. She showcases all the options nurses have to improve their personal financial situation. More importantly, they don’t have to leave home to do it.

@nursefernReply to @justme.sarahg part 1 — multiple choice pay selection. ##nursepay ##nursetok ##nursepaytok ##nursefern ##scrublifegotmelike♬ original sound – Emma – remote nursing & money

Number 14: Sara @sarafinance 

Don’t ever say kids aren’t good with money or that they don’t understand the value of money. Not even 20 years old and she already has 7 income streams and about to hit her first million dollars. She uses TikTok to share finance tips and help others achieve their goals. Visit her youtube channel for all her finance tips.

@sarafinanceFor teens who want to be rich 💰 ##realestate ##invest♬ falling – Oof

Number 15: Abu The Investor @dailystocktalk 

Answering all your stock market questions one day at a time. Abu is a finance influencer who uses TikTok to help share his investing tips and tricks. He uncomplicates the world of investing. He shows you where the investment opportunities are, and how to manage your stocks.

@dailystocktalkCOMMENT ‘PART 2’ FOR MORE 🧠 + $10 FREE TO CANADIANS LINK IN BIO 🇨🇦📈#stockmarket #stocks #stock #stonks #invest #investing #investor #finance♬ Rap Instrumental 98 – Rap Instrumental

Number 16: Taylor Price @pricelesstay 

Taylor is a gen-z financial wiz. She uses her platform to help others achieve personal financial success. Starting as a pre-med student, she was very involved in managing her finances for school. This led her to change her major to finance and management. As a successful entrepreneur, she shares tips for side hustles, investing, and budgeting. Visit her website for more on finance, business, and investing.

@pricelesstayGo green ##tapintuit ##invest ##recycle ##stock ##stockmarket ##OurType♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

Number 17: Humphrey Yang @humphreytalks 

Humphrey has done it all and now he is sharing the secrets he has learned along the way. Having worked in various industries, he now consults for eCommerce companies. He uses TikTok and Youtube to educate others on investing, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. Follow him to learn more about building credit, managing money, and building a passive income.

@humphreytalksHow a Chick-Fil-A franchise works! ##chickfila ##franchise ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner♬ original sound – Humphrey Yang

Number 18: Parii Bafna @parii.bafna 

College student Parii is using her platform on TikTok to help other students improve their personal finance while in school. From choosing the best credit cards to being on the lookout for student loan scams, she is the guardian angel all college students didn’t know they needed. Even if you are not a student there is still a lot of investing and finance tips that Parri can teach you. 

@parii.bafnaReply to @pnssy_gang_gang Now give me the hype😔 ##learnfromme ##investing ##Boo♬ The JUICE by MR FINGERS – Han

If you are interested in becoming an influencer check out the blog post for our keys to Instagram.

Do you follow us on Instagram? Be sure to check up on our social feeds to see what new programs we are doing in 2020 and what we are gearing up for in 2021. If you are in finance and interested in starting an influencer marketing program, contact us and we will help you get started


  • Jordyn Gangbar is the Lead Project Manager at TIA. She has a multi-faceted digital marketing tool-kit. She has a passion for website development and SEO to help make sure her clients present themselves with the best digital face. When she isn't at her desk you can find her trying out the latest cooking trends on social media.

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  • Jordyn Gangbar is the Lead Project Manager at TIA. She has a multi-faceted digital marketing tool-kit. She has a passion for website development and SEO to help make sure her clients present themselves with the best digital face. When she isn't at her desk you can find her trying out the latest cooking trends on social media.

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