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A collage of Julia Grieve’s photos
An influencer filming her lunch for her influencer marketing strategy


Digital & Influencer Marketing Trends & Predictions 2023

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Digital & Influencer Marketing Trends & Predictions 2023

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Five illustrated women with the text “International Women’s Day 8 March”
Virtual influencers, @minniemouse, @nobodysausage and @imma.gram
A collage of three Halifax family influencers
Someone on Google
A collage of five dishes from Montreal food influencers
A collage of Snapchat’s AI filters
A UGC content creator recording a video
A collage of five New York fashion influencers
Male gamer using VR headset in his living room to play video games
The Kensington Grey team
A collage of four Vancouver food influencers and a matcha soft serve
A TikTok book influencer holding a book
A collage of four Black food influencers
Cameras against a blue background
A social media follower liking the post of her favourite Canadian influencer
A collage of five Black activists
Three Lunar New Year recipes from TikTok side-by-side
The word “accessibility” written on a paper surrounded by yellow objects
A woman on her phone with social media icons floating above it
A person using the TikTok app on her smartphone
A collage of Taylor Swift, The Beatles, Harry Styles, and BTS
Four smartphones, each showing social posts from TELFAR’s Instagram page.
Google search results page for the keyword “analytics”.
A phone displaying spotify
“Non profit” written on a paper
A happy customer leaving a five-star review
Three phone screens showing BookTok book recommendations
a collage of Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Cara Delevingne, Steve Aoki, and Liam Payne
The Influence Awards logo
a collage of Lili Reinhart, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Florence Pugh
An illustration of first-party data collection
Delta Investment Tracker Logo with black background
A magnet representing conversion and loyalty
Close up of an endorsement agreement
A charity food donation drive
A collage of The Influence Awards judges
An Amazon influencer talking about products to her followers
a collage of Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, BTS, and Ed Sheeran
A collage of three Halloween makeup influencers
A loading bar
A collage of three thanksgiving dinner ideas
A mobile phone shows an influencer’s social media post and shows how she schedules her posts with a similar tone and voice.
The Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube logos
A collage of five Indigenous TikTok creators
Everleigh Rose, Ryan Kaji, Mila Stauffer, and Emma Stauffer
wordpress.org homepage
Behind the scenes photo of a studio shoot with a model
The TikTok app open on a smartphone
A collage of BookTok influencers holding books
A screen showing the text guest blogging
A collage of 5 non-binary influencers and content creators
A laptop open to a Google search window
a collage of five wellness influencers from Toronto
A collage of Charli D’Amelio, the Stokes Twins, Addison Rae, and Huddy
People partying at a Kaskade show in Las Vegas
User on laptop with Google homepage opened.
TIA's Creative Media Department
Instagram Reels Editing Tools
A collage of five LGBTQ+ dad influencers
various office items on desk including a laptop with a computer screen open to Facebook ads
True North Cannabis Co.’s logo
A collage of five American dad influencers
Friends hanging out at a Montreal festival
Collage of 5 Indigenous Creators
A photo from Toronto Pride, feature a large crowd walking down Yonge Street in Toronto, and 5 people holding large coloured balloon letters that spell PRIDE.
Canadian Dad Influencers
A variety of crypto currency coins
An Amazon delivery man holding a box
CSM Department Spotlight
TIA photographer, Gabby Frank
A collage of food from different Toronto food bloggers
A flat lay of a table covered in art supplies
A collage of cannabis photography
Close-up of a customer shopping by optimized Amazon listings
TikTok’s loading screen
A man looking at a website and asking, “is my site ready for ads”
Clera Windows + Doors logo
A collage of five Canadian mom influencers
Image with a desktop window showing a cover and profile photo.
A graphic showcasing The Influence Agency's social media marketing department
A collage of American mom influencers
A chalkboard drawing featuring The Influence Agency’s logo, complete with mini graphics of coffee beans, coffee cups, milk, steam, teapot, coffee grinder, coffee pot, etc.
A music festival
Screenshot of The Influence Agency’s SERP results
A collage of products/services from five Los Angeles startups
Close up of a phone taking a stop motion picture
A flatlay of eco conscious products
An influencer filming an unboxing
Top Canadian Cannabis Influencers
Top American Cannabis Influencers
a collage of five entrepreneur influencers
Three cans of CUT Energy by Hydroxycut
Collage of TIA team member
TIA logo on a gradient background
The Influence Agency celebrates its 5 year anniversary
The TikTok logo
A collage of dishes from Vancouver restaurants
A close-up of Vancouver’s location on the map
A collage of 5 female empowerment and body positivity influencers


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