We offer an extensive list of influencers in all categories with identifiable brand affinity. This means that we can connect you with influencers that fit perfectly with your brand’s image – creating a more compatible and authentic campaign.

Unlike other connectors to influencers, our diversity allow us to create campaigns for budgets small to large.  No matter the campaign or client, we have several options that are right for you.

Our expertise in delivering a wide array of digital marketing initiatives, provide an added value in partnering with us. This means we provide internet marketing support to agencies that are looking to maximize the reach of their campaigns.

Creating amazing content is only half the battle. It needs to be public and visible in the appropriate online communities. Of course, part of that is influencer marketing, but being successful online will mean more than that. We combine what we do with influencers by maximizing the reach of every campaign through Social Media Marketing, and more specifically through paid, targeted mediums such as Facebook AdvertisingInstagram Advertising, Twitter Advertising, YouTube Advertising, and other forms of sponsored advertising. 

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“Treating influencers as an extension of your company rather than a distribution channel will result in a more impactful experience for influencers and consumers alike”

– Emily Garvey